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Senior EA Developer calls the Wii U “Crap”, Nintendo “Walking Dead”

by William Schwartz


So the Wii U has been having a rough time in the press over the past few months. Lagging hardware sales and an utter lack of software have given what is otherwise a pretty fun console to play with, a bad rep.

Unfortunately for Nintendo, the small install base means less interest from third party developers. One of the biggest publishers in the industry, Electronic Arts has cancelled numerous games that were assumed to be arriving on the Wii U. Madden 25, FIFA 14, their slew of non-sports related games, EA is offering no software support to the console after a unprofitable launch and sluggish sales.

“The Wii U is crap…Nintendo are walking dead at this point,” said an EA Engineer.

Well today an EA developer decided to forgo the PR spin cycle and tell us how he really feels via Twitter. Bob Summerwill a Senior Software Engineer at EA literally called the Wii U crap, saying its less powerful than the Xbox 360, a system that launched 8 years ago.

“The Wii U is crap,” said Summerwill. Less powerful than an XBOX 360. Poor online/store. Weird tablet. Nintendo are walking dead at this point.” As if it was necessary, the developer went on to clarify. “One more :-) Nintendo platforms have always been very poor revenue-wise for third parties. Only Mario and Zelda make money.”

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