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SOCOM 4 Puts the Squeeze on Pre-Owned

by | @AttackFanboy | on April 18, 2011

Zipper Interactive is taking action against pre-owned copies of SOCOM 4.  Introducing SOCOM Pro, a feature that allows pre-owned customers the ability to access multiplayer but will lock them out of exclusive updates to the game.  So what are the differences between SOCOM (pre-owned) and SOCOM Pro?  Well, SOCOM Pro will have four ranked playlists which are updated for as long as Zipper continues to support the game.  Plus, Pro users will get access to the M-16 and AK-47.  Pro users will also get access to future updates within the cooperative modes and competitive multiplayer modes, which include maps and leaderboards.

If you do still decide to go pre-owned and want to upgrade to SOCOM Pro,  it will cost you $14.99 on the PlayStation Store.  This is a fantastic revelation for gamers everywhere.

SOCOM 4 currently has a Metacritic Score of 66/100, one of the lowest scores this year for an online shooter, and is available April 19th exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

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