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Some Nintendo Switch Owners Report Warped Consoles

| April 2, 2017

Some Nintendo Switch Owners Report Warped Consoles News  Nintendo Switch Nintendo

If it’s not one thing, it’s another for early adopters of the Nintendo Switch, apparently. Reported on Reddit, user _NSR reports that after playing with the console exclusively in the dock for an extended amount of time, it appears their Switch has a slight curve at the back, almost as if the plastic is bending to wrap slightly around the front of the device.

Several other users in the thread have since confirmed that the same thing is happening to them, with the prevailing theory being that it may be due to the fact that the Switch’s screen shuts off in docked mode, leaving the front of the device cooler than the plastic backing, which is against the metal part of the dock’s rear while running. Others, however, have not experienced the issue, meaning this could be a problem with certain manufacturers or stock batches, such as in the case of the Joy-Con synchronization issues.

Those who play more in handheld mode, or who split their time fairly evenly between console and handheld, aren’t experiencing the problem at all. Luckily, it doesn’t seem to impact gameplay, due to the fact that there’s no disc drive to worry about being impacted by the bending.

The Switch just launched a little under a month ago, and of course problems for new-release consoles aren’t unheard of, even in the case of Nintendo, which has a reputation for making sturdier stuff than their competitors. Some Wii users, for example, ended up with broken TVs due to flimsy Wii Remote wrist straps (or in many times not wearing a wrist strap in the first place).

If you happen to be experiencing a problem, or have noticed your console bent, you may want to contact Nintendo Customer Support for assistance. Be mindful that your saves will most likely be lost if you have to send it in for repairs.

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  • Fantasy Man Dan

    ‘Be mindful that your saves will most likely be lost if you have to send it in for repairs.’ total BS statement

    • JustMe

      Well, that can be fixed with simple cloud saves. That said… I am unsure why that wasn’t just assumed as a base feature by Nintendo right out of the gate. Seems like a pretty major oversight to be honest. It can be fixed with a system update, obviously. Perhaps this is a growing pain for Nintendo since they are just starting up their paid online service.

    • Metro96

      really? you can’t put in a sd card and backup your saves files?

  • JustMe

    It does seem to run rather hot over extended periods. I haven’t had any problems with it but I would suggest perhaps putting the controller down every hour or two…