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Sony dropping the ball on sharing features for the PS4 launch

by William Schwartz


Sony is dropping the ball with the PlayStation 4 sharing features at launch.  The new console will not allow purchasers to share videos via the world’s most popular video sharing site, YouTube.  According to a recent post on the PlayStation Blog, PS4 owners will only be allowed to share videos by using the PS4 share button on the DualShock 4.

Using the Share Button, PS4 users can upload content to Facebook or stream to sites like Twitch and UStream.   Sony claims that more video services will be added to the console following launch, and to check back for more information as it arrives.

This is bad news for people who do Let’s Play videos on YouTube.  For one, they are going to be at Sony’s mercy as to where they can share their footage.   And for those that are going to use a different solution, a third-party solution, Sony will have HDCP encryption on the console at launch.  This will make it near impossible to share footage on YouTube of the PS4 — at least at launch that is.

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