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Sony still struggling to meet PS4 demand in Europe


North American consumers have an abundance of PlayStation 4 consoles at their fingertips, but that doesn’t mean that Sony’s supply woes for the new console are over. Apparently, Sony is struggling to meet demand for the PlayStation 4 in Europe.

Sony still dealing with the Day One market in Europe

According to Fergal Gera of Sony, they’ve yet to actually catch up with the initial demand for the PS4 across Europe. “We’re still dealing with the Day One market,” the executive recently explained. Though Gera does say that they are close to a full supply situation, they just aren’t quite there yet.

Gera believes that Sony might have lost some sales of the console due to the shortages, though the console continues to sell well worldwide. While Sony hasn’t revealed their exact hardware sales figures in a while, numerous projections suggest that the company is closing in on 10 million consoles sold worldwide since November.

The most recent North American data for PS4 sales had Sony besting their competition from both Microsoft and Nintendo.

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