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Beyond: Two Souls will feature “Dual Mode”

by William Schwartz


Beyond: Two Souls will feature a ” Dual Mode ” that allow a second player to control the AI companion Aiden, another thing in the Dual mode is that you can control the game using a smartphone and tablet, it was announced today at Gamescom 2013.

During a presentation led by the game’s creator, David Cage, where he explained the mode further. In the single-player game, players can switch between controlling the game’s protagonist, Jodie, and the ghostly presence chained to her, Aiden. While in Dual Mode, control is passed off using the triangle button, allowing a second person to play as Aiden. The mode doesn’t allow simultaneous play; it is just like the two of you control the same character but with taking turns.

Dual Mode was inspired to David Cage by the players of Heavy Rain, he stated. Heavy Rain players would play with each other in the same room with one controller so that’s the idea of Dual Mode except that this mode the second player will be able to be more involved in the game as it plays out.

The game will also have a feature called “Beyond Touch”, which is controlling the whole game through a downloadable app on either iOS or an Android device. They can perform almost every action in the game using their device’s touch screen such as movement and other interactions. The Dual Mode is also available on the Beyond Touch feature allowing a second player to use a mobile device to control Aiden.

Beyond: Two Souls launches Oct. 8 on PlayStation 3.

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