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South Park: The Stick of Truth still coming in 2013

by William Schwartz


South Park: The Stick of Truth wasn’t lost in the shuffle of the recent THQ Bankruptcy. Ubisoft scooped up the rights to publish the Obsidian-developed role playing game, and it’s still going to arrive in 2013.

According to a Ubisoft spokesperson who recently relayed information to Video Gamer, the game will release in “calendar 2013”. The Stick of Truth was supposed to be releasing in May, but there doesn’t appear to be a concrete release date tied to the game anymore.

Retailers have different outlooks for the game’s release date. European retailer, Tesco, puts the game out in August. While retailers like Amazon and GameStop have a release date placeholders for December 31, 2013.

South Park: The Stick of Truth was one of the more promising titles in the stable of games that were sold off during the THQ fire sale. The game had a good showing at E3 last year, before vanishing into the ether as finanical troubles for THQ made bigger headlines.

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