Square Enix Is Teasing Mystery Game Announcement For Next Week

by Dean James

Square Enix is one busy company these days, with the big official reveal of the next Deus Ex game earlier today following the release of not only Final Fantasy Type-0 last month, but also the release of the Final Fantasy XV demo. It appears that Square Enix have something else up their sleeves as well, as a brand new mystery website has gone online that is teasing an announcement for next Monday, April 13.

The website for this mysterious game can be found right here, with the url definitely showing that it is meant to be a secret. The page itself shows a view of a planet from space, with the numbers and letters appearing as “S A R” and “0101, each with unique spacing.

This is very little information to go off of, but if you try to share the page through Facebook or Twitter through the links provided, it will mention “NEXT 2015.04.13.” This means we are very close to at least getting more information on this mysterious game, which hopefully is a full reveal of whatever this secret title is.

It is hard to even speculate on whether this is a brand new IP or a continuation of a popular franchise from Square Enix. The first thing that comes to mind when seeing “S A R” is that of Star Ocean, but the rest of it makes no sense involving that.