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Star Wars Battlefront & Need For Speed May Be Coming To EA Access In The Near Future

by Dean James


EA Access was first announced and released a couple years ago to mixed reception due to the available games, but the service has really become one of the best deals in gaming over the last year. We’ve seen them add the most recent annual releases for their sports games, while also adding other more recent titles like Battlefield: Hardline, but now it seems two of their most recent games may be coming soon.

There have been a good number of games added to EA Access in recent months, with a majority of them being sports titles like Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, with NBA Live 16 actually set to arrive early next week. We did get some backwards compatible non-sports like Dead Space in recent months, but it looks like we may get some non-sports titles for Xbox One as well.

The official website is advertising the fact that Rory McIlroy PGA Tour just got added, but what is also on that page is even more interesting if you pay close attention.

By looking at the wheel of games to the right of the area that advertises the new addition and says to sign up for $4.99, you will notice quite a selection of titles. However, two games that are not currently available or announced as being added in the future, Star Wars Battlefront and Need For Speed, happen to be on the outer part of the wheel near the newer releases.

Both Star Wars Battlefront and Need For Speed released last fall, making them two of the newest games from EA, which would make them a big addition to the EA Access library. One could imagine this is an announcement they are saving to make during E3 week at their own EA Play conference they are holding, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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