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Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer Teases a Major Returning Character

by Kyle Hanson

Star Wars: The Old Republic looks to have a major character returning soon according to the latest teaser trailer. Titled “A Deadly Force Returns” the video is the very definition of a teaser, offering very little information for fans to go on. Still, there seems to be enough here to figure out what character is being brought back, which I’ll go into below since it can be considered a spoiler.

I will finish what I’ve started.

With the quote “I will finish what I’ve started” and the look of the character shown in the trailer most fans agree that Darth Revan will be returning to the series. While Revan was the main character in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, he has only been featured sparingly in Star Wars: The Old Republic. He and his followers, the Order of Revan, were a major component to recent story developments though. His return was already rumored for some time, so this teaser seems to confirm that he will be back shortly.

Unfortunately no release information was made available so we’ll just have to wait for Bioware to throw out more details about this upcoming story shift. It will likely be a part of an upcoming expansion to Star Wars: The Old Republic. What will be contained in the expansion, outside of Revan’s supposed return, is still a mystery. Keep checking here for updates as Bioware releases them.

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