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Starhawk reviews come in mixed for PlayStation 3 Space Western

| May 8, 2012

Starhawk reviews come in mixed for PlayStation 3 Space Western News PlayStation  Starhawk

Lightbox Interactive’s 3rd person shooter released just recently for the PlayStation 3, and has got game critics split on its merits.  Some say this is the best there is to offer on the PlayStation 3.  Others say that the developer missed badly in its execution.

From the creators of Warhawk comes a bold new 3rd Person shooter adventure where you can change the battlefield instantly in the heat of combat. In the future, humanity’s last hope lies in the lawless frontier of space where factions battle over the universe’s most precious resource, Rift Energy. Caught in the middle is Emmett Graves, an outcast gunslinger who is drawn back to the planet that abandoned him, to face a fierce outlaw and his warband of followers.

Experience intense frenetic combat on foot, in vehicles, or in the air and discover a new type of shooter gameplay with the new “Build & Battle” system. Gain the tactical advantage by calling upon an arsenal of weapons, vehicles, and fortifications, violently delivered from an orbiting drop ship to help turn the tide of battle. Engage in epic 32 player online battles and see maps dynamically change depending completely on each player’s strategy or team up with friends and protect your claim against waves of AI opponents in online and offline Co-op modes.

IGN – 90 – This is multiplayer at its finest, and it’s among the best you’ll find on any platform.

Starhawk reviews come in mixed for PlayStation 3 Space Western News PlayStation  Starhawk

“This is multiplayer at its finest, and it’s among the best you’ll find on any platform.” -IGNPlayStation Universe – 85 –  Starhawk gives new life to the very generic online shooter genre by requiring careful teamwork in this Build & Battle combat system. Don’t expect much from the single-player adventure, but get ready to enjoy a truly exhilarating online experience.

Meristation – 85 – Team tactics is something really rare to see in shooters, specially in close combat, but Starhawk provides the tools to enjoy great battles where the strategy is as important as the aiming skills. LightBox Entertainment did a great job redefining the original Warhawk, from the aesthetics to the gameplay.

Game Trailers – 83 – With a mix of on-foot gunplay, full on dogfights, and strategic base-building, Starhawk lets you find your niche or switch roles at the drop of a hat. While it doesn’t leverage this versatility to create new game types to call its own, its territory-based gameplay offers a wide range of tactical options to explore.

GamesRadar – 80 – One of the most unique multiplayer experiences we played in a long time. The RTS elements create significant strategic depth and the action is a blast. Once we got a hang of the somewhat complicated gameplay systems of building bases and driving the various vehicles we didn’t want to put the controller down. If you’ve been looking for engrossing, chaotic, large-scale multiplayer battles, Starhawk is going to satisfy your needs.

Gaming XP -79 – Despite flawed controls and disappointing graphics, Starhawk delivers a great online multiplayer experience with a varied gameplay and innovative features.

Game Informer – 75 – While I appreciate the large player counts and wide-open battlefields, the on-foot gunplay and lack of multiplayer modes are disappointing.

Polygon – 65 – It’s not that Starhawk is a bad game. It’s not offensive, and it demonstrates a surprisingly broad range of influences in its attempts to be something different in the online shooter space. But Starhawk feels half-there, like its pieces don’t quite fit together, and it can’t keep pace with other, better multiplayer titles out there.

Starhawk reviews come in mixed for PlayStation 3 Space Western News PlayStation  Starhawk

“It’s merely a loose collection of bullet points and underdeveloped ideas” – MetroMetro – 60 – Survival mode is the only time Starhawk comes together to create a properly entertaining whole. In all the other game modes it’s merely a loose collection of bullet points and underdeveloped ideas, ones which never gel together into the multiplayer classic this could so easily have been.

Machinima – 60 – Starhawk is definitely a game that was made; I just don’t know if it was a game that was designed. Its scope seems at odds with its mechanics. There’s nothing inherently broken about Starhawk, it’s just painfully straightforward, as if the question of “why” was never asked. And it’s one I continued to ponder as I played the game and don’t think I ever really came up with a satisfying answer.

Starhawk Screenshots

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  • If you like being BOB the builer…. games is lame

  • Bigjershby
    • Halo44327

      Thank mate. That’s very helpful. I wonder why they want it free? To get more to buy the game? But the Limited Edition I bought, will that be always exclusive or will that be in the future DLC I wonder. Because, I didn’t really get a good deal really if that is all free anyways.

  • Egg_Yellow89

    77 on metacritic

  • MacVities

    The Xbox crowd are always going to downrate it, simply because it’s a PS3 exclusive.   Microsoft have ensured that nobody dare upset the Xbox applecart for fear of losing advertising revenue across ALL Microsoft’s business sectors.

    • Egg_Yellow89

      yeah sure. However, in meta critic and in every gaming websites known to man. The user score and the critic score are strictly seperate. 

      Dont you think Ps3 fanboys do the same thing? 

      Its a two way thing dude. Open your eyes.

      • Allen

        Cool dude, you are just lame, that’s all there is to it. At least I can admit that Xbox exclusives are fun, see that’s the difference between you and me.

        You troll just to troll. I just hate Xbox not their games. Hell I love Halo, and Gears and Mass Effect and Battlestations – ALL OF WHICH ARE ON PC. See no need to hate their games.

        Now you, you just hate Sony because YOU ARE A DUMB ASS XBOT FANBOY. Straight up truth.

        You have no reason to hate on PS3, you have no reason to love 360. I give you every reason to hate 360 and love PS3. You just don’t make sense you blind loyalist pig.

        • Egg_Yellow89

          “I give you every reason to hate 360 and love PS3. You just don’t make sense you blind loyalist pig.”



          Believe me, you gave me EVERY reason to hate the Xbox 360. But I CHOSE not to hate them because im a reasonable man. If you think writing novels length of trolling will help. Dude. I can just as easily minimize your comments.

          Feel free to waste your life.

          • Allen

            Well as long as you know you are getting screwed over and don’t go trying to tell anyone that what you are getting is anything other than a flat out scam then I’m fine with that. Game on and enjoy that POS cool dude. 

          • Egg_Yellow89

            Still better than wasting your whole 6 years hating a unanimous abject. 

            BTW Optimized IE9 browser coming to Xbox. 


    Multiplayer reviews the DAY of release? Give it time damnit! It’s multiplayer!

  • Halo44327

    I got this game just today. Its different and I actually got a chance to kill things compared to MW3 and BF3. Seriously. I have a better chance of killing with a more inaccurate gun than even FPS games had to offer. I don’t suck its just I never get a chance to even attempt anything. The Survival Mode is awesome. I would like a teammate to have fun with. PSN: halo44327

  • Bigjershby

    they said they didnt want to divide the players up with paid map packs i have gamefly i rent most of my games i will have 2 get this game but unlike 90% of every console game i get to play within a few weeks of release* the witcher 2* twisted metal,starhawk i have to save up and buy  but im not made of money