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Steam Big Picture Goes into Beta

by William Schwartz


Valve Software’s Steam Big Picture has arrived in beta beginning today.  The Big Picture software allows gamers to access their Steam games on a television, with a full-screen users interface optimized for interaction on a bigger screen.

Utilizing Big Picture entails connecting a PC or Mac to a TV via HDMI connection.  In Big Picture mode, gamers will have access to their library of Steam titles, cloud saves, Steam Workshop content, and other account functionality from the traditional Steam interface.

The Big Picture user interface includes a web browser as well, which is designed specifically for televisions to be navigated with a controller.  While connecting a PC to a television is nothing new, Steam’s new Big Picture interface streamlines the experience for players, and provides a platform that is more usable and more along the lines of traditional consoles like the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Steam Big Picture Trailer

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