Attack of the Fanboy

Team Fortress 2 fans have something new to look forward to

by William Schwartz


Valve has once again stirred the rumor mill for one of their most popular franchises, with a tease to fans of Team Fortress 2 that something big is heading their way. Being that this is Valve and all, the company has left little to no details about the upcoming announcement. What they did say is that “it’s really cool”, and that the upcoming news has nothing to do with new maps, hats, or any combination of the two.

One of the most popular shooters on PC, Team Fortress 2 has a dedicated following on Steam. Consistent updates continually breathe new life into the game, and integrations like the in-game store and free-to-play model have keep a steady stream of new players coming to the game, eventhough its been out now for many years.

Since the Team Fortress 2 team has sealed lips as far as what this “Top Secret” project is, we’ll have to wait around and see how they plan to expand the game next. Coming from the Team Fortress Blog, this top secret Team Fortress 2 project should be released in 2012.

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