Tekken 7 Will Be Getting a Graphical Update In The Next Month Or Two

by Damian Seeto

Even though the arcade version of Tekken 7 is now playable to Japanese gamers, Bandai Namco will still be doing work on the game.

It appears the arcade version of Tekken 7 will be getting updates. One of the things that will be improved are the graphics. The game is already 1080p and 60fps, but it looks like Bandai Namco still want to make some changes here and there.

Tekken 7 director, Katsuhiro Harada, tweeted the following recently:

“I think Graphical update is end of March or April.”

Some people that have seen footage of Tekken 7 weren’t impressed when videos of the game first came out. People felt that it looked too similar to Tekken 6.

Their opinion on Tekken 7’s graphics were based on the version of the game that was seen last year. Bandai Namco has already made a graphical update to the game in February. Lucky Chloe’s character model looks better now than when she was first announced last

The graphical update to Tekken 7 coming in the next month or two means Bandai Namco is hard at work trying to make the game look as pretty as possible. This is good news as this means the console version might look even better whenever it gets released.

North American gamers will get their hands on Tekken 7 later this year as it will be a part of the EVO 2015 tournament.