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Tekken X Street Fighter Doesn’t Even Have A Roster In Place Yet

by Damian Seeto


Tekken X Street Fighter may have been announced in 2010, but no progress has been made in the game’s development. Bandai Namco doesn’t even know who will be in the game yet.

When Tekken X Street Fighter was announced, only artwork showing Ryu and Jin were displayed. This has been the only official thing Bandai Namco has shown about the game so far. Four years on, and there’s still no real updates about the game. The game hasn’t been canceled, it’s just been on the shelf for many years.

Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada tweeted an update on Tekken X Street Fighter saying the roster hasn’t been finalized yet:

“It’s under development and Not decided all roster. I don’t accept about roster questions.”

There you have it folks. Even Bandai Namco doesn’t even know who will be in Tekken X Street Fighter yet. With all efforts being on Tekken 7 right now, it seems sad how Tekken X Street Fighter has been pushed aside for the time being.

Street Fighter X Tekken didn’t take too long to come out as that game came out in 2012. On the flip side though, Capcom is taking their sweet time releasing Street Fighter V. The company has been re-releasing Street Fighter IV multiple times instead.

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