Attack of the Fanboy

Tetsuya Mizuguchi returning to game development

by William Schwartz


Founder of Q Entertainment, Tetsuya Mizuguchi is making his way back to developing video games. After his leave over one year ago, Mizuguchi isn’t satisfied completely with what he’s doing at the moment.

The name may be familiar with some gamers, Tetsuya Mizuguchi is behind some very prominent video games such as Rez, Lumines and most recently, his development studio Q Entertainment brought out Child of Eden on the PS Vita. Since his departure from the game industry, Mizuguchi has been lecturing at Keio University in Tokyo according to Edge.

Though his time lecturing wasn’t satisfying enough. Mizuguchi told Edge “I need both. I need to share my experiences and ideas with the younger generation. This is one mission. But I’m doing both now. I’m preparing my own creation.”

Though it appears that Mizuguchi is already in the works with a few social video games within Japan none of which he can’t speak of. In terms of his own development, don’t expect an ordinary studio. Instead, everything will be freelance and individuals will come and go as the project changes from each video game installment.

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