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The Human Element Footage Was All In Engine Gameplay

by William Schwartz


The Game Awards despite having a few technical difficulties managed to throw a few surprises and interesting titles to games, one that really stood out for me was Robotoki’s, The Human Element.

The footage shown looked great and was impressive from start to finish. It reminded me a lot of the Bethesda title RAGE but taking it a step further in an online world. After The Game Awards we got a few minutes with Robert Bowling, who divulged that what we saw in that trailer (below) is all in-engine gameplay. The colorful game, looks great and is an interesting take on the post apocalyptic zombie world, in the middle of a desert where everyone would be fighting for themselves. Combining strategy and resource management, The Human Element is currently being developed utilizing CryEngine technology.

Originally a free-to-play game, The Human Element is now set to release Fall 2015, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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