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Titanfall dev thinks Microsoft is the Apple of video games

by William Schwartz


Respawn Entertainment is a small team of developers that are working on Titanfall. While it was revealed earlier this summer that Microsoft’s Xbox One would get Titanfall as an exclusive in 2014, one developer from the studio recently spoke out about why Xbox One was the platform of choice for the Titanfall team.

Microsoft is like the Apple of Video Games

In an interview with Edge Magazine, Fairfax McCandlish elaborated:

“We’re a very small team, so we had to pick a platform if we were going to be on consoles, and Xbox made the most sense. I feel that, in terms of multiplayer and communal gaming, Microsoft is like the Apple of videogames. You can just start your game without finding your disc, you can go to your friend’s place and your saves are all there, and with the cloud servers you don’t ever have to worry about transferring between hosts or bad latency.”

Is this a bad sign about the prospects of Titanfall arriving on the PS4? It’s way too early to tell if the game will arrive on Sony’s platform at a later date. For now, Titanfall is due out on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC in 2014.

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