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New Tomb Raider Comic to Lead Into eventual Sequel

by William Schwartz


Tomb Raider, which released in March earlier this year rebooted the series in an excellent way and was well received commercially and critically. While its too early to announce a sequel it is no secret that this is the first game in the new series that is bound to follow. In the first step in that direction Dark Horse has announced a new comic series set after the events of the story of the game. The series will launch 26th February, 2014.

Gail Simone of Wonder Woman and Batgirl fame will be working on the comic series. She revealed in an interview with Kotaku that the series will see Lara going globetrotting again and will be set a few weeks after the game’s end. The series will lead directly into the next Tomb Raider game. It will continue to explore Lara’s origins and will show how the archaeology graduate goes ahead to become the iconic adventurer we know her as.

Despite being a huge critical success and selling millions of copies, Tomb Raider still managed to under perform Square Enix expectations for the franchise reboot. The company said that three of their biggest games released in recent months had disappointing results at retail, this included the Tomb Raider reboot.

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