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Uncharted 3 Beta Comes Unhinged on Day One

by William Schwartz


If you sat out on the first day festivities of the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer beta you’re probably better off for it.  The beta got off to a pretty rocky start, where Naughty Dog had to deal with numerous issues that arose as millions tried to hop on for their first look at the upcoming game.  Aside from the technical problems of the beta launch, Naughty Dog also dealt with some technically deficient human beings that couldn’t comprehend that this isn’t the full game, and it’s sole purpose is to avoid these problems when the game launches this November.

Naughty Dog did well to explain and diffuse the situation for the confused fans. And on the bright side, things look they have begun to shape up well, with the developer already issuing the first patch for the game.  If you’re currently logged in and haven’t gotten an update, you’ll want to log out, go to the XMB, and download the update which should fix many of the issues that players were having during the unsightly Day One of Uncharted 3’s Multiplayer Beta debut.

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