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Next Uncharted Game to Be Released on NGP

by William Schwartz


Uncharted is one of, if not the most successful and recognizable PlayStation franchises in recent history.  Sneaking into the NGP announcements of last week, was a glimpse at a version of Uncharted coming to the handheld.  The screenshot above reinforces the claims that the NGP (PSP2) will be able to recreate the graphics of the PS3.

What won’t be coming to the franchise on the NGP, Naughty Dog.  Early reports on the game detail that Sony developers Naughty Dog has deferred development duties for the game.

Bend Studios is assuming the development for the handheld entry who also worked on Syphon Filter and a Resistance port for the PSP.  Why is Naughty Dog deferring on a flagship title for the handheld?  Well it could have something to do with the hugely anticipated Uncharted 3.

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