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Using an Xbox One Controller Wirelessly on PC Will Soon be a Possibility

by William Schwartz


PC gamers who have been longing to use their Xbox One controller wirelessly will soon be able to do so.  Microsoft announced at their GDC conference that a dongle is in the works that will allow the new breed of Xbox controllers to connect for wireless gaming later this year.

The accessory will let connect Xbox One controllers and other Xbox peripherals to Windows PC.

Xbox One controllers have been able to connect to PCs via USB for quite some time.  Though the controller must be plugged in to work, with no wireless solution available.  Microsoft made a similar adapter for the Xbox 360 to connect its controller to PCs wirelessly.  The announcement comes at a good time.  With Windows 10 functionality allowing users to stream Xbox games to their computers, a wireless solution will be something that many will want to use.

No price point or release date was revealed at the conference.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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