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Valve Supporting The Disaster Efforts with Team Fortress 2 Gear

by William Schwartz


Valve has announced that it will adding to the disaster relief efforts via premium content for Team Fortress 2.  The developer will offer three limited edition headwear pieces that range anywhere from $7.99 to $99.99, with all proceeds of the sales going to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

Today, we’d like to offer a chance to help out at a time when that help matters most. To support the relief efforts currently underway in Japan, we’re introducing three limited edition hats and two special noisemakers to the Mann Co. store. The “Humanitarian’s Hachimaki” ($7.99), the “Benefactor’s Kanmuri” ($19.99) and the most prestigious “Magnanimous Monarch” ($99.99) will be available from now through April 6. All proceeds (net of applicable taxes) will go directly towards the Japanese disaster relief fund that the American Red Cross has set up. The hats can be equipped by all classes; however, they cannot be traded or used for crafting.

The items are only available for a limited time.  After April 6th, none of these items will be available in any form.  So log-in, visit the Mann Co.  and spend away TF2’ers, Japan needs you.

Source: Team Fortress 2 Blog

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