Attack of the Fanboy

Volition taking Saints Row IV as far as it can go

by William Schwartz


What’s left to do in the Saints Row storyline once the Saints become the leaders of the free world?  Not much apparently.  In a recent interview with Volition, the developers behind the fourth installment in the Saints Row franchise explained that SR IV is the “logical conclusion” for the series.

Speaking with Games Industry at PAX East, Volition explained: “We’d like to say – at least with this saga – we’re definitely taking Saints Row to its logical conclusion.”  Saints Row: The Third took a huge step away forward for the franchise.  It began to really differentiate itself from other open world games, and Volition did it by going over the top with craziness.

Not a bad combo, but even they think that its going to be hard to top Saints Row: The Third.  “In terms of over-the-top with zombies, a Helicarrier, and Mission on Mars, I don’t know how we go further than that.  Somehow, I think we did it.  This is planned to be the end of this sage of Saints Row.”

Saints Row IV is due out on August 20th for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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