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Warlords Of Draenor Now Live & PvP Season 16 Dated

by William Schwartz


The highly anticipated expansion for World Of Warcraft is now available in North America. Warlords Of Draenor can now be played simply by logging into your account if you pre-purchased or buy it digitally or the retail exclusive collector’s edition. Either way, it is time to visit the wilds of Draenor.

Players who purchase the Warlords Of Draenor expansion are not only treated to a whole new area, an increased level cap of 100, a new array of raids, dungeons and more but they are also able to build their own Garrison within the game. Those who picked up the collector’s edition or the digital deluxe edition will also get in-game items for other Blizzard Entertainment titles such as the ones listed below.

  • World of Warcraft —Dread Raven Mount and Dread Hatchling Pet: Swoop down from the dark of night on the black-winged Dread Raven, a mortal progeny of Anzu, and devour your prey in your next Pet Battle with the adorably ferocious Dread Hatchling.
  • StarCraft® II —Warchief Portraits: Summon the strength of two of the most fearsome Iron Horde warchiefs—Grommash Hellscream and Blackhand—as you clash in the Koprulu sector in StarCraft II.
  • Diablo® III —Warsong Pennant: Brandish this battle-torn pennant on your back, and channel the rage of the Warsong Clan against the demonic forces of Sanctuary inDiablo III.
  • Hearthstone®: Heroes of Warcraft™ —Blackrock Card Back: Outfit your champion’s deck with a custom card back forged in the fires of Blackrock.

Fans whom are eagerly awaiting the next PvP season won’t have to wait much longer for the start of Season 16 which has been given a start date of December 2nd. So prepare yourselves.

World Of Warcraft: Warlords Of Draenor is available now in store and online.

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