Attack of the Fanboy

There will probably be a Watch Dogs 2

by William Schwartz


Ubisoft isn’t interested in making games unless there’s the potential to build it into a major franchise. Tony Key, an executive at the publisher recently sat down for an interview where he described Ubisoft’s decision making process in launching a new IP.

“We won’t even start if we don’t think we can build a franchise out of it. There’s no more fire and forget – it’s too expensive,” explained Key. But about that Watch Dogs 2, Key’s comments make it a near certainty.

“Last year we cleaned up at E3 because we were pretty much the only next-gen game around. Watch Dogs for us is really a franchise because we’re tapping into something people really care about, never more than when the NSA PRISM scandal broke… We feel like we’re in a really good place with Watch Dogs, but until we’re the biggest game of the year we’re not going to be satisfied.”

Watch Dogs is due out later this year, and will launch across current and next-gen consoles and PC.

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