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Watch Dogs eyes GTA V as competition

by William Schwartz


Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs and Rockstar Games’ GTA V will both release later this year, and both are impressive open-world games. Rockstar being the masters and creators of the genre, have built plenty of buzz about their next game, but Watch Dogs is looking to take a peice of that pie within the genre.

In a recent interview with EDGE, Ubisoft’s Alain Corre told the magazine that there hopes for Watch Dogs is that it makes a name for itself in the open world genre.

‘Watch Dogs is bringing freshness to the genre’

“What we want to do with Watch Dogs is to try and crack a new genre, which is the open-style GTA genre,” the executive said. “We think we can even benefit from the fact that Grand Theft Auto is coming. The spirit will be that this kind of game is great fun and I think Watch Dogs can also being a lot of the same fans.”

When asked about Watch Dogs chances going up against the popular GTA franchise, Corre doesn’t think it’s a problem as much as something that will help the new game.

“Grand Theft Auto is one of the biggest brands in the industry and everybody respects the brand and we’ll have fun playing the next one too, but I think Watch Dogs’ positioning is also on next-gen, bringing a lot of features – connectivity, interactivity, companion gaming and so on which is bringing some freshness to the genre.”

Both Watch Dogs and GTA V have been confirmed for 2013 releases.

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