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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s PS4 And Xbox One Resolution Disparity Doesn’t Bother Dev

| March 2, 2015

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's PS4 And Xbox One Resolution Disparity Doesn't Bother Dev News  The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt CD Projekt Red

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s developer, CD Projekt Red, is not worried about the resolution differences between the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

It was revealed a few weeks ago that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is 1080p on PS4 and 900p on Xbox One. This caused a debate among gamers as it alway does. However, CD Projekt Red doesn’t feel the resolution will affect the gameplay in any way.

Gamingbolt had a chance to interview Michal Krzemiński who is the Senior Art Producer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He said it’s “simply a good game, regardless of the platform you choose to play it on“.

He added that there is “little difference between 1080p and 900p in terms of the actual experience you get” from playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He feels that 1080p and 900p are just numbers that are thrown out, but they have no impact on how good the game actually is.

There’s no doubt The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be an awesome game when it comes out in May. However, the resolution debate will still go on amongst PS4 and Xbox One owners. Inevitably, people will put up graphic comparison videos and screenshots to see if there truly is a difference between the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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  • xxhighcxx

    Who cares a fun game to play is a fun game period.

  • John

    They have made the game run and look as best as it can on each platform. At the same framerate, a slight difference in resolution won’t change the core experience on consoles. It just so happens that PS4’s hardware is superior to that of Xbox One’s, just as the standard in PC gaming’s hardware is superior to that of consoles. My choice of platform, PC, is the place for the ultimate experience in the Witcher 3 as with any but it’s still the same core game. Let’s all have fun regardless of platform come May 19th.

    • Scooby Doo

      The PC “ultimate experience” is just ever so slightly better than the consoles. A bit better experience (if you’re playing using DS4), but far from superior. Someone who plays on PC, then plays on console afterwards says, honestly, “I see a difference and it looks better on my PC. Even so, it looks fantastic on the console as well. Just not AS fantastic. True?

      • Allen

        Who the hell would ever go back to these shitty underpowered consoles after playing on PC? Anyone who joined the PC master race never looked back.
        Stay mad, shill. Your console can’t even reach 1080p without hiccups.

        • David


        • Chery Saldivar

          You’ll never defeat this race. Ever.

          • Allen

            PC is the #1 gaming platform in the world. Stay mad shill.

          • 54nakaD

            So good that all the top selling games of all time are console games, lol.

          • Allen

            The best versions multiplats.
            Keep crying over your inferior versions, peasant.

          • 54nakaD

            JS, most people prefer console games. And you PC elitists get crapped on by AAA devs. Look how long it took you to get GTA5, lol.

          • hiredranger2014

            Not true that. There are PC games such as MMO’s that have sold 90million or more. A number that is multiples ahead of the total base of people that are connected to live even if every single person on it brought the game. Its just a much bigger market.

          • 54nakaD

            No PC game has sold 90 million or more, lol. The highest selling PC game of all time is Minecraft, which sold 15 million copies on PC. Sims is the only other game in top 50 released way back in 2000 with 11 million copies. There’s only 5 total in the top 100. Wow just reached 10 mil. That’s pretty bad since it is a game that is continuously being sold since 2004. The Myst back in 1994 reached 8 mil. And Sims 3 hit just under 8 mil. The only other games to even reach 5 mil is MS flight simulator and Diablo 3. So you are sadly mistaken and are talking out your rear.

            What you maybe thinking in terms of 90 million (which I doubt) is probably subscriptions. I remember watching a segment on the news of a guy having 36 WOW accounts and he played them all simultaneously. But that’s one guy. 90 million subscriptions means 9 accounts per person, highly unlikely.

          • hiredranger2014

            There are free to play (or pay to play if you like) Games in Asia with 90 million or more players. In the West, WOW is in the Guinness book of records for having sold close to 28 Million copies. At one point there was something like 14 million paying subscribers. It is still the highest grossing game of all time with huge revenues over a long life. It has really only been since last year the player base started to really dive. But the overall player base was far higher with various ways to play available. So you could argue on the basis of paying subscribers or f2p (p2W) but the PC still grosses far higher numbers in many cases. Sometimes a lot more than both consoles combined. Even Microsoft data shows less Xbox owners than ever are actually buying it for games. If it wasn’t for the privacy issues I would probably buy one as a cheap media server myself. As I said in a previous post. People pay’s their money and make their choices. Selling privacy and quality for a cheap deal is a choice they make and a very valid one. Personally, I am a keen gamer and cannot stand how slow the console equivalent feels nor stand the ridiculously restricted field of view. It is just unbearable to me so I have to pay more and that for me is a worthwhile trade off particularly with the privacy and security issues. If the choice wasn’t there I simply wouldn’t be able to game,

          • 54nakaD

            F2p games are not included in this convo. It’s like a nerd trying to join in a topic about training with Olympic athletes. We are talking about games sold, not F2p or how many ppl subscribed to a game. I guess you didn’t read my comment about the guy who had 36 WOW accounts? He bought 1 Wow disc and downloaded it on multiple PCS and just purchased multiple memberships. You can do that with many games, ala Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, etc. And yes it is in the Guineas world records for PC subscribers but not copies sold. It has only just sold 10 million copies. Unimpressive when you think that it has been out 11 years now. So know what the topic is about before jumping in buddy.

          • hiredranger2014

            A significant portion of the people using the games I mentioned paid for content. However, there really is no such thing in reality as f2p. Particularly as, in terms of revenue generation, many of these games far outstrip subscription based models.

            I know that some, find it hard to understand that there are bigger markets these days and that in those countries, they are a bit sick of being spied on 24×7. They already have that so that particular “feature” of Microsoft products doesn’t sell well.

            It is hard to conceive of the scope of the market which is India, Korea, China, etc etc. Which is why games that make it big in China alone succeed on a level that is purely mind boggling for those of us in the West. Having tried to play some, it looks to me like some concepts don’t translate well into these markets, yet PCs do. Hence my point.



          • Scooby Doo

            Consoles are the #1 gaming platform in the world. Stop spreading your lies.

          • Allen

            Over 100 users on Steam would say otherwise, console shill.

            Keep crying. :^)

          • Scooby Doo

            PC beggar. Lol
            Most people on steam took a survey fairly recently and admitted their rigs were either underpowered or only equal to PS4 (or X1). Lol
            PC gamers always act like they have the most expensive, highest end gaming PC around, when the majority are running outdated hardware that can’t match a console.

          • Allen

            Where is this survey then, console peasant?

          • Scooby Doo
          • Josh101

            You are seriously boasting the 100 million mark? Sony hit that mark almost two years ago and passed it. At 110 million users. You need to fact-check. Would keep you from looking like a idiot lmao. PSN is bigger than Steam, end, of, story…


          • Allen

            And Steam only needs one platform. :)

          • Josh101

            Your point is? You know how many BILLIONS of computers are out there? 100 million users out of BILLIONS is a TERRIBLE attach rate. Are you trying to be ironic? That’s what this is, irony… With 90 million PS3’s, 20 million PS4’s, 70 million PSP’s and 10 million PS Vitas. A total of 190 million, which over 110 million daily active users (users over 2 years ago) the attach rate is high and above Steam. Over half of all Playstation consoles are PSN users. You lose, thanks for playing :)

          • Allen

            I find it hilarious how insecure you are going around defending your potato.
            PC is the best.
            Free online
            Seems to go down less than XBL or PSN.
            Can use a variety of controllers from all over.
            Best graphics.
            Most exclusives.
            Superior versions of multiplats on PC.
            Cheapest games.
            Best sales.
            Has the best selling games like WOW and Minecraft.
            Can hook up to your TV.
            And best of all, no little children like you. :^)

          • Josh101

            First off, WOW suck ass. You can keep that shit. So does Minecraft, I have better things to do with my time. Oh, consoles have Minecraft btw, the PS Vita even has it.

            I find it hilarious you keep trying to best me when you just got owned AGAIN. No one gives a shit about your PC, not even developers. PC’s come second, the consoles are where they make their money. Because you PC players wait to buy your games and don’t support developers.

            “PC is the best.” Not in the slightest, the Playstation ecosystem trumps.
            “Free online”- Yeah, the PS3, PS Vita, PSP are all free.
            “Seems to go down less than XBL or PSN.” HAHAHAHAHAHA, no…
            “Can use a variety of controllers from all over.” So???
            “Best graphics.” No game on PC looks as good as Driveclub on PS4…
            “Most exclusives.” Indie’s yes, full fledged AAA games no. …..
            “Superior versions of multiplats on PC.” After a year delay…..
            “Cheapest games.” Games on launch cost the same exact price….
            “Best sales.” Nah, Playstation cross-buy has that beat.
            Has the best selling games like WOW and Minecraft.
            “Can hook up to your TV.” My PS4 can too!! As well as a monitor!!
            “And best of all, no little children like you. :^)” A 28 year old “child” has destroyed you on every post. Suck mah balls. :^)

          • Allen

            Those first two paragraphs are subjective.
            Now, let’s go through the list:
            1. No. PC has the BEST hardware out there.
            2. We’re talking about PS4. Way to move the goalposts. And PSN went down a lot on those systems, especially PS3.
            3. Okay, no proof I see. Yet I see PSN going down for maintenance and both getting DDOSed quite often. Like Christmas.
            4. People have different tastes in controllers. Having a wide variety suits many people.
            5. You’re joking, right? Driveclub is 1080p 30 FPS…I can get other games 4K and 60FPS.
            6. And yet have many memorable games like WOW, LOL, Minecraft, Star Citizen, Half Life, Portal, FNAF, and so much more.
            7. A year delay of what? GTA V? The only one? The other multiplats are much better on PC.
            8. And quickly, games get cheaper prices much faster than consoles.
            9. Really? It does? I get so many more deals on Steam than PS. Cheaper prices and way more deals-cross play is meaningless.
            10. And will still have better graphics.
            11. Yeah, anyone can lie about their age on the internet. Looking at your posts on how you attack people on other consoles, seems you are 14, at best.
            Keep crying. :^)

          • Josh101

            1. You can purchase better hardware. Doesn’t mean the PC is automatically has better hardware. A Steam survey for example shows that most Steam users have less powerful systems than the PS4 and XboxOne.
            2. Move the goalposts? Were talking about consoles vs PC. Which were free to play online on Playstation anyway, up until the PS4. Which you get free games across ALL 3 systems for the one subscription cost. No goalpost moving. It’s a subscription across 3 systems, so you include those within the subscription. :^)
            3. Going down for maintenance is non-issue and means nothing. You can still play online and watch Netflix and any other feature except the Playstation store, as long as you login within 12 hours of the maintenance. Did you really bring up DDOS attacks? Sony has suffered 2 in the last year. I don’t even need to point out how many websites and games get DDOS’d on the DAILY on PC.
            4. Ever heard of USB dongles? Specifically the Cronus dongle. Done and done. We can use any controller on consoles as well. This is embarrassing.
            5. Sure, you can get those games. But they still don’t match the graphical fidelity of Driveclub. Which IS the BEST looking racer on the market that has ever been released. Prove me wrong. What is on the market today that looks better? Nothing? I thought so.
            6. Yes, Star Citizen is the SHIT. There’s nothing that can be said about that other than holy FUCK. The other games not so much for me.
            7. Yes, each multiplatform game has delays of at LEAST 6 months and if they are not MMO and subscription based, last all of another 6 months after that.
            8. That’s because PC players don’t buy games. They wait for price drops. That is the sole reason why developers aren’t in a rush to support the PC. Plus quite a lot pirate the games.
            9. I said Cross-BUY. Meaning I buy one game and get it across multiple systems. Like Sound Shapes, I bought it on Vita and got it free on PS3/PS4. Velocity 2X was given for free ON LAUNCH day and I got it on PS4 and PS3. So yes, it is better.
            10. Again, name one racer that looks as good or better than Driveclub. You can’t.
            11. Your point? Don’t get pissed off that you are getting proven wrong on EVERY post you make. You are in such a rush to try to make points that you make simple mistakes thinking I am talking about Cross-play when I was speaking of Cross-buy. Slow down and use your critical thinking skills.

          • Allen

            “Getting proved wrong”


            Project Cars looks way better than Driveclub. Even FH2 does.

            Every multiplatform game gets delayed until 6 months? Can you prove this?

            PC will always be more powerful than consoles.

            PC gets ddosed every day? Again, can you prove this? XBL and PSN were down NUMEROUS times last year. Ever check the internet?

            Ain’t that funny how you have to buy freaking dongles when I can simply plug mine in.

            Again, you’re moving the goalposts every time. I feels sorry that you have to try to explain why consoles are supposedly better than PC.

            Let’s have these shut you up.


            Let the butthurt from the “28 year old” roll in. :^)

          • Josh101

            “Project Cars looks way better than Driveclub. Even FH2 does.”

            No and no. As I said, no game on the market TODAY looks as good as Driveclub. Project Cars looks good no doubt and will look great on the PS4 and XboxOne, but not as good as Driveclub. Which has 250k polygons per car. A full weather system complete with mirages for when the tarmac heats up and water evaporates.

            http://www . bing . com/search?q=Delayed+PC+games&form=IE11TR&src=IE11TR&pc=CMDTDFJS&adlt=strict

            Delayed PC games ^^ You can search just about any multiplatform game to see it’s the truth for most.

            “PC will always be more powerful than consoles.”

            A very weighted statement, considering most don’t have PC’s more powerful. That totally explains why most Steam users have consoles weaker than the XboxOne and PS4 huh?


            “PC gets ddosed every day? Again, can you prove this? XBL and PSN were down NUMEROUS times last year. Ever check the internet?”

            Have you? A easy search will show you that yes, on PC, sites and games are DDOS’d every day. There’s nothing to stop it. EVERY online network suffers from DDOS attacks. This is nothing new…Which the PS4 has only been DDOS twice in the past year. Any other downtime has been scheduled maintenance where as I said before, you login within 12 hours of the maintenance you can still play online and use Netflix/Hulu and the web-browser.


            “Ain’t that funny how you have to buy freaking dongles when I can simply plug mine in.”
            Yup and you have to download the drivers and install them to use them. Your argument was that we CANNOT use any controller we want. In fact, we can. You are the one moving the goal posts, not me. Idiot….
            Your last part of your post links a google search. The first post said “5 Reasons why PC is better than Console.” The second said “5 reasons why Console gaming is better.” This post doesn’t help to prove your point, it helps mine.

          • 54nakaD

            I just want to know if PC is the “Master Race”, how come Consoles dictate the gaming industry? Looks like the “Master Race” is actually the Slave Race.

          • Scooby Doo

            Btw, you are talking to your superior! Show some respect, worm. :p

            I don’t know the whole specs cuz I’m more of a console gamer but, I’m now running:

            i7 @ 4Ghz
            Titan X Gpu
            32GB DDR5 Ram
            60″ 4K screen.
            A guy at a computer store built me this and said it will play anything I want for a while on ultra settings, high frame rate.

            Still, I like my PS4 better. So there you have it, I am a hybrid gamer and we are superior. We miss out on NO EXCLUSIVES! :p

          • Guest

            thats what they claimed aswell :P

        • CernaML

          I joined the PC “Master Race” once. Went all out and bought hundreds of dollars worth of components. Then the MoBo died less than a year later. Replaced it, then sold that POS.

          Went back to console gaming and got to enjoy GTAV… twice. Couldnt be happier.

          Us console peasants will gladly beta test Heists too by the way. :^)

          • Allen

            Nice fake story shill.

        • Scooby Doo

          If you look at it that way, it will cost thousands of dollars over the next 7 years for your PC to always be up to date.

          I can afford any PC, but I don’t want one.
          I like consoles and I like FFXV.
          Enjoy playing that on your PC, oh wait, you can’t. It’s not coming to PC. :D

          Who would want a PC when PS4 is a fraction of the cost and look nearly as good?

          I’m on the console MASTER RACE, master race who get games you don’t get on comparable hardware. Good day.

          • Allen

            “Who would want a PC when PS4 is a fraction of the cost and look nearly as good?”
            Oh wait. You’re serious. LET ME LAUGH EVEN HARDER!

        • passing by

          Some people get consoles because they have people to play with too, obviously pc is better Hardware but even among my high end pc owner friends they only play day z league of legends counter strike and other games which require lame hardware anyway. Pc elitists have the manners of introverted jackasses and just make comments like this all day hyping their pc like its their abs.

          • Allen

            Cry more, peasant.

      • White Wolf

        I just want to provide a little clarification, in most cases you’re right. PC does look better, but not absolutely amazingly better. (When just talking just about graphics anyways, making the jump to 60 frames per second and then seeing the console versions at 30 is always a pretty big change. Not to say that 30 looks bad, because it doesn’t. But of course 60 will look better) What I think looks amazingly better that will be in Witcher is Nvidias Hairworks, and PhysX if they include it. That kind of technology is absolutely incredible. But the PS4 and Xbox One versions will still look phenomenal, we have proof of that from the E3 gameplay running on Xbox One.

        • Scooby Doo

          That was an intelligent comment that wasn’t an attack. I appreciate it and agree! :)

          • White Wolf

            Thanks! :D

      • Edvard Dahler

        Its not far as much about the looks, as it is about framerate. For a pcgamer 60 fps is the bare minimum of acceptance so 30 fps is just unresponsive and frankly quite nausiating. Furthermore, the slightly better graphics is expirienced in a wider detail at the smooth 60 fps compared to the “laggy” 30 fps.

    • hiredranger2014

      As long as they bother to port it properly and PCs don’t get to suffer the same field of view… don’t event get me started on what 30 fps looks like on anything let alone 2560x1XXX or 4k. Nothing worse the 65 degree field of view on anything let alone a 4k screen. Would rather they didn’t bother releasing it than botched it with the 65 degree field of view. Looking forward to it but waiting to see if the port has a field of view slider or if they just didn’t make a PC version.

    • Harry

      Have you guys seen the reveal GDC 15?

      Damn It looks amazing and it’s not even the highest settings.

  • William Perdomo

    I would like to have a pc but seriously playing with keyboard and mouse it just horrible.

    • someguy-_-

      Gaming pad or use an xbone controller.

    • FalloutWanderer2077

      M&KB has it’s advantages over controllers in many ways. I use both and enjoy both, depending on the game that I’m playing of course. The PC platform offers freedom and a plethora of options.

      • cole

        Except freedom of comfort

        • FalloutWanderer2077

          It depends on your personal set up. I can voucher for precisely this – My PC gaming set up presently is not ideal, the way I have everything organized etc. Once I move somethings around, it will be fine and much more comfortable.

          I understand not everyone is able and/or willing to play with M&KB, to each their own. It is a personal preference and that was primarily my original point. Choice, options and freedom.

          The PC platform is the way to go if you like having options. In comparison to strictly having only 1 way of playing on console. As one example among many.

    • Allen

      You can use almost any controller on a PC.
      Join the Master Race. You’re making a wise decision.

    • DJRiful

      You can use PS3/4 Xbox360/XboxOne Logitech F710 F510 controller on PC/Mac easily. Just one driver installation and one software for PS controller. Works perfectly fine for all games.

      Even a grandma can do it.

  • cracken

    900p didn’t bother the devs so i hope xbox fanboys wont be bothered either and just enjoy what the xbox one can offer.

    • someguy-_-

      I dont think it all the xbone fan boys, the sony fan boys antagonizing them that they will only get a 900p game.

    • Jack

      It’s not the Xbox Fans that get all pissy about lower resolutions, it the PS4 fanboys that keep prodding them with a stick whispering ‘haha, 900p, haha’ :P

    • Allen

      Enjoy those silky smooth 26 FPS while I enjoy 60 FPS at minimum.

    • The PC Master Race

      I hope the POS4 fans aren’t bothered by low settings and 24FPS either :^)

      • cracken

        I really admire your dedication to this whole console war, you even posted two different accounts. Well i know you have multiple account little xbot. Funny you hide under the realm of the mighty PC yet you don’t post comments on other PC articles. I pity you PC POSER

        • The PC Master Race
          • cracken

            It’s okay mr POSER i dont blame you. Must be hard being yourself.

          • The PC Master Race

            It’s hard anticipating playing the best game of the year at 1080P 60FPS and high to Ultra settings. I know its tough being me knowing greatness awaits in just three months.

            For you, Greantess awaits and awaits and awaits and awaits………


          • cracken

            1080p 60fps? Please read the article it just said your xbone is 900p

          • The PC Master Race

            My PC is 1080 60

            In fact, here’s a screenshot from Battlefield Hardline running on my PC at 1080 60

            Wheres your PS4 hardline shot at 1080 60? Oh wait, it’s 900P on the POS4 :^)


          • cracken

            Stop pretending your xbone is a PC. Just because it’s big doesnt mean it’s a CPU.

          • The PC Master Race

            Rump roasted I gave you a 1080P no compressed shot and still screaming “Xbot”. You shills crack me up.

          • Allen

            LOL. You made the wrong decision on buying a console.
            PC is the master race. Keep crying.

          • Josh101

            You play “Game of the Year” a minimum 3 years late. Where’s GTA 5 for PC? Oh, that’s right. You don’t have it. :P You’re waiting and waiting and waiting.

  • DrumStickNinja

    I totally agree! They should not be worried about the resolution differences. PS4 is simply more powerful and obviously the absolute best next gen console out there.

    If they honestly didn’t think there was a difference then why is PS4 1080p native? Why bother doing it if there is no difference?

    Yeah I’ll take my 1080p native the way it was meant to be played on my 1080p HDTV.

    • Allen

      I’ll be laughing when this game will really be 900p on consoles.
      Who wastes money on a POS4 anyway? Already obsolete to the almighty PC.


        “Haha my gaming machine is better than yours! Hahaha! Instead of enjoying my games I’m gonna go online and brag about shit no one cares about and how I could enjoy my games but I’d rather not. HAHAHAHA! PC MASTER RACE I’M SUCH A FREAKING NERD HAHA!!!!!11” -You (The Glorious PC Master Race)

        • Allen

          Stay mad shill. :^)

      • Josh101

        You do realize your PC is obsolete within 5 months of putting in that brand new GPU/CPU? How any of you can actually believe you do something is the dumbest thing ever. No one gives a fu*k that you can purchase parts, read instructions and follow those. Congratulations, you have the money of an adult and the capabilities of a 4 year old. WOW!! *slow clap*

    • David

      Lol you kids are funny

  • luvgames

    Finally more Devs are pushing each console to it’s near potential! Non of that parity bs, Dragon Age: inquisition Devs were the first to come out now I hope everyone follows suit! There was no parity last gen so why start now! BRAVO!! Can’t wait for this game

    • shredenvain

      Dragon age is not the first game like this. Battlefield 4, watchdogs, metro redux.
      Also just because a game is the same on both consoles doesn’t mean forced parity. Come on man! A lot of titles that have what you call parity are that way because both systems meet or exceed the power needed to run the game the way the devs invisioned. Examples Wolfenstien, Destiny, GTA5, All Maddens, all NBA2ks, The Crew. So please stop all this forced parity BS.

      • luvgames

        I meant Dragon age: inquisition devs were the first to openly admit that they will be no parity without mincing their words or playing down the topic

  • DG

    I bought shares in the company. Smart? They seem to be able to produce great products relatively cheap and the company has a lot of respect among the fans unlike other game developers. CD Projekt, on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

  • JustMe

    You know, if I cared about resolution half as much as writers of articles apparently do, I’d buy a high end PC and hook that up to the TV and not a console. I care about other things than just the resolution of a game…

    • Thatguy15

      I know right! I actually care about the actual gameplay and not just if the number of my pixels is higher than someone else’s

  • Dex

    So there’s a noticeable difference on 50 inch TV’s. I have an Xbox one so it does show on nicer TV’s.

    Kinda want Xbox to just make a new system or figure out how to lessen the gap

    • Mark Vesty

      Depends on your TV as well, there’s a noticeable difference between LED and Plasma, my Panasonic GT50 looks mint compared to most LED on the market, but I paid a lot of money for it. So you factor that in too.

  • Zaugg

    Once again, I’m glad I stick to Sony. Even for the minor differences like this ???

    • Mark Vesty

      You choose a console for the game and experience, not the resolution.

    • Allen

      LOL upvoted by dead accounts by YAFOW aka fatty.
      Who buys a console for resolution? I swear console gamers…

  • Ominous Prime

    Most XBOX and PS4 gamers that I know, don’t care about this “argument” or “console war”. The media puts it out there to get flame wars going and its simply click-bait articles.

    • Allen

      Because PC already won.

      • Ominous Prime

        Most gamers don’t care about that either.

  • Luis Aviles

    I’m personally going to buy a PS4 just to play the game in all its 1080p glory , and if 900p is not much of a difference, then I will deal with it, ok.

    • The PC Master Race

      And if you do. You get low settings and frequent dips to 20FPS.

      CD Projekt already said the true Witcher 3 experience is on PC

      • Luis Aviles

        Well now it seems I will get Nvidia Shield console, and stream the game from their Grid service on the cloud

    • Allen

      1080p. Causes hiccups on the POS4.

      • Josh101

        You are sooo retarded it’s hilarious. Could you seriously not come up with something better than POS4? No, you couldn’t. I really can’t believe you idiots actually think you are special because you purchase parts and follow directions as if you are performing brain surgery. It’s not hard to take a case apart and replace parts. Let me guess, you learned how to solder and now think you are a computer technician!! Oh man!!! I know how to apply my own heat-sink!! I am a GENIUS!!! No, no you are not. :^)

  • The PC Master Race

    All these Sony shills trying to claim 1080P when it will be on low settings, low LOD, and under 30FPS.

    Hilariously pathetic, really.

    • Allen

      Its not their fault they bought an inferior piece of plastic in which the PC could do 10x better in every way.
      Oh wait. It is.

      • Josh101

        Of course there’s no fault. They were actually smart with their money. Unlike yourself. They now don’t have to worry about upgrades or games not being compatible with their systems. Developers actually support their consoles and they don’t get complete sh*t for ports. They actually own their games, can borrow and buy used. What will you do when your precious servers are shut down and you can no longer download your games? Hmm? I thought so. :^)

        • Allen

          Yet they bought obsolete hardware from a dying company with mediocre exclusives.

          • Josh101

            Heh, dying company, surreeeeee. With how much Sony has in spending cash, they are going nowhere. They can still buy all of their games and actually own them. While you never will.

          • Allen

            So a company that has made NO profit for years and has LOST money
            (Lost 2.1 billion last year), shut down divisions, fire people from studios like the Uncharted writer, people from Santa Monica, etc., has been in the red zone, and still takes hits from big breaches like Sony Pictures, is all fine?

          • Josh101

            You mean the same company that has spent BILLIONS on creating EVERY standard format in existence today? The company that spends 100’s of millions making movies? The company spending 100’s of millions supporting a wide range of music artists? The company that funds unknown games like Puppeteer and the Wonderbook? The same company that funds unknown shows like Robot Chicken? Yup, much more innovative than your precious companies like Intel and Nvidia. They actually create and fund a wide variety of things.

            “still takes hits from big breaches like Sony Pictures, is all fine?”

            Yup, they are all fine. It’s not their fault they are targeted as such. Speaking of targets, Target was recently hacked and lost all customers information, including Credit Card information. They said “ooops!” That’s it. Sony got hacked and paid for Fraud Protection for EVERYONE who had a Credit Card on their account.

    • Josh101

      HHAHAHAHAH. Oh man, look at you two love-birds pretending like you are computer technicians because you can buy parts and replace them. You are both idiots. You are nothing special. No one cares about your PC’s. You think you are special because you can purchase parts? Everyone in here is smarter than you because they spent their money wisely. Unlike yourself. :^(

  • ?TheConversation?

    Skyrim was fun regardless of the shytty mechanics and subpar graphics.

  • hiredranger2014

    Both of them have the terrible field of view issues so who cares? Worrying about 1080 or 900p ignores the elephant in the room. Going to do a big upgrade to my PC and get this if it has a better field of view if not then I just saved a fortune. Really cynical about games now. The same field of view that plagued the 360 on the “next gen” console. Total bs. Sick of playing games where I cant see anything because of the 65 degree field of view. If your point of contrition is 1080p or 900p there is not much to choose from. If you can bear the 65 degree field of view and a maximum of 30 fps to start with then I don’t see what difference 1080 or 900 makes if its a decent game.

  • malik

    Microsoft chose to add the kinects feature ! Or else it would have run 1080p. That was the better choice, it gave Microsoft’s gamers a different experience! 1080p vs 720p, u can see the difference not 1080p vs 900p!

  • rob

    I really don’t see why everyone is so caught up in pc vs console? You enjoy spending tons of money to keep the most up to date pc too claim some master race title great for you. You spend less money but enjoy a slightly lesser looking version of the same games then great for you. Isnt the piont that we all enjoy great games? I love the fact that we have so many choices. I just want the games to come out as they should be with less bugs and glitches. Pick your own console or pc an be happy with it. Stop being I’m a high and mighty because I play it on this platform and just enjoy the fact that you get to play video games. Guess what not everyone gets that chance. Remember that you just so happen to be born in the right place and time to enjoy someone else’s hard work for your money and pleasure.

  • hiredranger2014

    You can argue this one forever. People will play on what they can afford to get the best experience for them.
    Personally, I use the PC because I want the best possible experience. I only play at 2560×1440 at 144fps (GSynch) because it looks beautiful and is fast for FPS or 4k when I am doing something not involving fast reacting environment. I do find consoles field of view an absolute red card and would simply stop gaming at all if I could only play games at that field of view and that is probably one of the main things I never understand about console gaming. I just find it unbearable but I suppose it is a matter of not knowing the difference. These days you can build a PC to run games on ultra resolution on the most common PC resolution which is 1920×1080. Perhaps a lot of people don’t know do not understand how to configure a PC as they grew up with a console and find the prospect daunting.
    Different markets, both have their value but like anything in life, you get what you pay for.