WWE 2K15 Sales Improve Over WWE 2K14

by Damian Seeto

WWE 2K15 sales appear to be better than they were last year when WWE 2K14 came out.

This is according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. They say sales of WWE 2K15 at this point this year are better than the same point in 2013 with WWE 2K14.

No exact figures have been shared, but 2K Games should be happy with the result. It was revealed back in WWE’s financial report a few weeks ago that WWE 2K14 sold less than WWE ’13. The sales improvement of WWE 2K15 should put a smile on both companies now.

It’s not surprising to know that WWE 2K15 is selling better than WWE 2K14. Last year’s game was only released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 systems and series fatigue had set in for many gamers.

WWE 2K15 however has been released for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. The next-gen releases helped boost sales simply because the visuals and gameplay are different from the previous games. There was also the big buzz of Sting being in the game too.

Another advantage that WWE 2K15 has over WWE 2K14 is the 2K Showcase mode that focused a lot on John Cena and CM Punk. Many fans probably bought WWE 2K15 knowing that it could very well be the last official appearance of CM Punk. After that, people will just have to create him.