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Xbox 720 Price and Release Date will be saved for E3

by William Schwartz


Next week Microsoft will reveal the Xbox 720 at a dedicated event in Washington. Though insiders don’t think you should be expecting the big details about the price of the new console or release date just yet. Analyst Michael Pachter believes that both Sony and Microsoft are holding back the concrete details about pricing and availability until their E3 press conferences.

While both companies have set an interesting precendent with two primer reveals for the new hardware instead of the traditional announcements at E3, it appears that this analyst is still confident that E3 will be an all-important time for the new devices.

So what should we expect next week from Microsoft? Well for starters, we’ll likely get an official name for the new console. We’ll likely hear about advancements made to the Xbox Live service, Kinect Motion Controller, and just what the new system is capable of in terms of power.

We’ve also heard that publishers and developers will be on hand to showcase games for the new console. A recent reveal of Call of Duty: Ghosts pointed to May 21st as details about the game are scheduled to be revealed at the event. Pachter isn’t always right though. Microsoft could end up releasing this information, it’s probably safe to assume that only a handful of people know the details about what Microsoft will and will not reveal at the next-generation event.

Pachter also recently went on the record to say that he thinks that due to the early announcement of the PlayStation 4, buzz for the new console is dying down.

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