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Xbox One DRM has advantages, says Microsoft

by William Schwartz


According to Microsoft, DRM on the Xbox One will provide advantages to the consumer. According to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer who recently sat down with Edge Magazine, DRM in their new machine isn’t all doom and gloom. Spencer thinks that there are “a lot of advantages” for this type of rights management on the Xbox One.

There are a lot of advantages of having content assigned to you digitally

Spencer explains: “We think there are a lot of advantages of having your content assigned to you digitally – we did that on 360 with cloud-saved games – and we want to do that with content… We understand there are implications…we’ve designed with it in mind from the beginning.”

Digital Rights Management (DRM) and the Xbox One used game policy rumors are among the biggest questions that gamers have about the new console. Microsoft hasn’t done a very good job of explaining these features thus far. Following the reveal of the console, the company sent mixed messages to numerous journalists, painting a very blurry picture of what to expect from their connectivity policies and stance on used games.

Microsoft plans for E3 2013 to be all about games, so with any luck, gamers will get a clearer picture of any restrictions that the Xbox One will have at launch.

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