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Xbox One Games: Microsoft investing $1 billion on next-gen titles

by William Schwartz


Gaming certainly wasn’t the centerpiece of this week’s Xbox One reveal. Microsoft took an approach that was more focused on other types of entertainment that the new console would provide. While games might have played second fiddle to television features, it was revealed that Microsoft is making a big investment in the future of Xbox exclusive gaming.

Microsoft’s Phil Harrison recently explained that the company is planning to invest more than $1 billion in new content for the Xbox One, which includes 15 exclusive games set to arrive within the first year of release.

It’s shocking just how heavily Microsoft is investing in new games for the Xbox One platform. The last few years on the Xbox 360 saw a dwindling number of exclusive games when compared with their rivals, but apparently they’ve been saving to splurge on the next generation.

We’ve got an idea about what some of these exclusive games will be. There’s of course the Halo and Forza franchises that are developed in-house. Microsoft has also mentioned a new title from Rare, which many think will be a return of Killer Instinct, a hit fighting game from the mid-nineties. We also saw a game from Remedy Entertainment called Quantum Break, and eagle-eyed watchers of the Xbox One reveal spotted what looked like an icon for the Crackdown franchise. There’s also Ryse, a Crytek developed title that’s been in the works for sometime.

Microsoft has said that they are holding back a slew of game announcements for E3 2013. Those that watched the Xbox One reveal earlier this week with disappointment towards the lack of game content, E3 2013 is a little over two weeks away.

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