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Xbox One rumored for November 8th Release Date

by William Schwartz


New rumors suggest that Microsoft will release the Xbox One exactly one week ahead of the PlayStation 4. While Microsoft has yet to officially confirm any release dates or projections for the console, it’s been widely held that the console would release sometime in November. It appears that Microsoft will get the jump on Sony yet again, allbeit by a much smaller margin, if rumors out of Kotaku hold true.

A tipster who works for a marketing company that handles signs for Walmart has passed along the news. The documents from the informant list many upcoming midnight launches as confirmed events in the weeks leading up to November, and that’s were things start to get a little less certain.

While the documents list Sony’s PS4 release date as “Confirmed” for November 15th, Microsoft’s release date is just list as November 8th, and has not been confirmed as of yet. There’s no telling what this mean at this point. Does it mean that Microsoft will be playing it by ear all the way down to the wire? Are they all set to announce a release date in the near future? The company is running out of time and big events to make the announcement.

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