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X-Men: Destiny First Details Arrive

by William Schwartz


Not much has been heard about X-Men: Destiny up until this month’s Official Xbox Magazine.  The Activision and Silicon Knights title has had little to offer in terms of details on the game.  The four page preview in the new magazine is about to change this.  For the full preview you’re gonna need to order the magazine but for our breif synopsis continue on brave reader.

According to CVG X-Men: Destiny will be

aiming to place a greater focus on the “tough decisions that an average X-Man has to make

take place at a time when anti-mutant sentiment is at an all time high, hate crimes are rampant and the X-Men have recently suffered a devastating loss, all of which paves the way for some potentially interesting scenarios

Players will take control of the child of a “human zealot” who considers mutants to be “nature’s greatest mistake”, reveals OXM, and have a choice out of three different candidates, each of which have been officially integrated into the X-Men cannon.

X-Men: Destiny will be packed full of recognisable faces including Surge, Quicksilver, Gambit and Magneto

X-Genes allow players to modify the powers of their own mutant by collecting the genes of other mutants, and “decision moments” are ripe throughout the game

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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