“You’ve Got the Touch” With This Dying Light Mod

by AOTF Staff

Dying Light gives the player some satisfying moves to dispatch the shambling dead, but one modder has amplified Kyle Crane’s badassitude tenfold. The zombies stood no chance once Crane’s dropkicking ability received an insane power boost. The following video by Vulkans is a montage of crushing hits accompanied by “You’ve Got The Touch”; a fitting song, if I do say so myself.

Rocketing zombies into the horizon looks like a great deal of fun, but sadly the modified files cannot be taken into multiplayer without breaking the game. If you’re interested in becoming the ultimate zombie hunter, head over here for instructions on how to recreate the awesomeness in the above video.

The best part is this is only the beginning for modders. Dying Light is going to see more community-created insanity in the very near future now that Techland is clearing up the mod censorship ordeal. Share your thoughts for what over-the-top mod should come next for Techland’s newest zombie title.