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Project Beast From Software rumors resurface with video ahead of E3

by William Schwartz


Project Beast rumors have been making the rounds ahead of E3 2014. Rumor has it that From Software is working with Sony for this PlayStation 4 exclusive, and will reveal the game at E3. Today a new batch of webm videos (which we converted below) have been discovered, and it’s starting to look like either the most elaborate E3 ruse of all time, or a reality.

Rumors about From Software bringing a Demon’s/Dark Souls exclusive game back to the PlayStation for some time. Though there have been debunks of the rumors in the past, these continued resurfacing of these convincing videos and screenshots is giving hope that the rumors are true.

Given the success of Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2, this could be a huge exclusive for Sony to have in their upcoming game line-up. Sony’s E3 Press Conference is due on June 9th.

Project Beast Video Leaked?

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