Attack of the Fanboy

Batman: Arkham City Concept Art is Dark, Beautiful

by William Schwartz


As you would expect when drumming up ideas for Batman: Arkham City, the ideas that were put down as concepts prior to building the game were/are beautiful and inspiring. I mean they kind of have to be right?  That’s why they’re called concept art.  Well, Batman: Arkham City’s are especially attractive because their of the likes that made the comics so amazing as well.  These concept pieces remind me of The Dark Knight Returns stuff from the late 80’s.  Dark and Gritty, Batman and Gotham at their finest.

9 pieces in all, you’ve got a little bit of everything in here.  I can’t wait for the concept arts to start rolling in once all of villains are announced.  Or better yet, this is one game that should utilize its collectors edition to the fullest extent.

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