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E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo)

Fallout: New Vegas E3 Gameplay Trailer

by William Schwartz


If anything Fallout 3 showed what to expect from the future of the storied Fallout franchise.  Packed with colorful characters Fallout 3 painted a bleak picture for a post apocalyptic Washington D.C.  Fallout: New Vegas , the next game in the series, is set three years after in a post apocalyptic Las Vegas.

Unlike some of the other locations in the Fallout series Las Vegas wasn’t hit directly with a nuclear attack so many of it’s buildings and constructs remain intact and the mutations that are found in other games are less prevalent.  Early screenshots have shown us that we should still look to encounter Super Mutants however.  The world of New Vegas is divided into factions and are battling to control the desert wasteland.

As you can see by the trailer below Fallout: New Vegas doesn’t look like it will be straying to far from the succesful formula that the previous developers created with Fallout 3.  We look forward to hearing more about this title as we close in on both E3 and it’s 10/1/2010 release date on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Fallout New Vegas E3 2010 Trailer

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