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343 Industries already talking Halo 5

by Bill Hess on August 8, 2012

With Halo 4 yet to get out of the door, 343 Industries has begun to talk about the future of the Halo franchise and the second installment of the Reclaimer Trilogy. It’s no secret that more Halo is in store for fans after Halo 4’s release this year, and 343 appears to be up to the task, despite expressing caution about the planning of the next game.

Speaking in a recent interview with the Independent, Scott Warner of 343 Industries explained the “careful balancing act” that is planning for Halo 5.

“There’s always kind of a careful balancing act between what you decide to improve upon,” explained Warner. “What you have that you think is really good, what’s the great mixture of that to put you in the best position to be successful as a team.”

Being a first party development studio, 343 Industries will definitely have the chance to work best with any future technology that Microsoft may reveal down the line.

“I mean certainly as things develop, we have the advantage of working for a publisher and first party development, and if things happen we would certainly want to take advantage,” Warner continued. “Our current development is all centered around the Xbox 360 and trying to harness everything we can get out of that box, so everything you’re seeing is sort of custom built for the 360 experience. Obviously depending on what happens and develops with our company, we’ll try to develop our technology and take advantage of it.”

If anyone knows when the next generation of Xbox consoles will arrive, its the Halo development team. I can’t think of a possible scenario that doesn’t see Microsoft’s flagship title launching with the next generation Xbox. As for their next game, Halo 4 arrives in early November exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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    Of course they are. Halo and Gears is all Xbox has left anymore.

    Just to show how stupid xbots are:

    I learned when I was like 7 years old to eat and drink, but that was only after half a day of straight gaming…so by that estimate xbots are about 7 times more stupid than the normal 7 year old kid.

  • mike

    Whatever, you’ll have your resistance 4 soon enough… Oh wait lack of support from ps3 players killed that off, buying multi plats over exclusives, expect that trend of Sony exclusives dieing to continue

  • The Future of Sega

    Sony is Microsoft’s bitch. OWNED!!!! LOL!

  • iamtheallmightywiz

    I think that because 343I had initially planned their Halo series to be in three parts, it will provide fluidity and continuous player experiences from Halo 4.

  • Cool dude


    Nice site.. just goes to show that Xbox gamers are more dedicated to games than Ps3 gamers right?..

    You know. when Xbox both out sold the Wii and the Ps3 in games sold and hardware in 2011

  • Joe

    Does anyone else think MC’s new armor looks like a scuba diver? I like it. I hope 343i gets halo out of the 9-missions-per-game trend that its been in since halo 3.

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