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Hajime Tabata Talks About The Success Of Final Fantasy 15 And More

| December 23, 2016

Hajime Tabata Talks About The Success Of Final Fantasy 15 And More News  Square Enix Final Fantasy 15

Final Fantasy 15 is now out and the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, can now relax and reflect on the success of the game so far. It’s been a long road to finally finish the game.

Japanese website, ItMedia, had a chance to speak with Tabata as he talks about the game’s current success and more. The game was a huge success in the West, although what about the numbers over in Japan?

Tabata said that the majority of sales were mostly from overseas. He said that this is to be expected as more people own a PS4 and Xbox One console outside of Japan.

In Japan, sales of Final Fantasy 15 are just over 800,000 units which is kind of low for a mainstream FF video game. To put this into perspective, Final Fantasy XIII sold over 1.5 million units in its first week in Japan.

Despite the numbers, Tabata said the numbers are still good because of the current situation of the gaming market in Japan. If you don’t know, Japanese gamers have migrated over to mobile gaming for some reason. PS4 ownership is not as high as the previous PS3 generation.

As for the game’s launch, he felt it was necessary to launch the game worldwide simultaneously. In the past, Final Fantasy games would have been released in Japan months before coming out to North America and Europe.

The game is also an open world title in order to appeal to Western gamers he said. It was the right decision as people criticized the linear nature of Final Fantasy XIII. Not to mention games like GTA 5, Fallout 4 and more show that open world titles are popular right now.

He is also happy with the many ways that people are playing the game. Many players (like myself), have been enjoying playing all of the sidequests first before doing the story missions.

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  • Richman Joe

    Said the incompetent director.

    • Ridthysak Serey

      Incompetent? I think not

      • Invictus

        Agree. The guy is pretty good. The loop holes in the story might be due to DLC plans and heck even corporate pressure.

  • Geoff Mackey

    The thing that is still a but frustrating about FF15 (and Square in general) is they have this philosophy of like, “we need to design things for the west…so we better copy other games.” FF used to be the game that others copied. FF15 isn’t bad, and I’m happy they finished it. That can be tough in a Duke Nukem situation. But it still doesn’t feel like a true FF to me. I’m about 15 hours in and I feel like there has barely been any story yet.

  • Gilbert T Ramirez II

    When will they add the M rated DLC update to FFXV.. Tabata said he’d add the option to turn “blood” on. I cant believe they axed alot of the original story they had planned too. All just to get the game out already.. They better do a full game release