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Mass Effect 4 might be getting an E3 Reveal

by Bill Hess on June 7, 2014


Mass Effect 4 might be getting a reveal at E3 2014. A post on Twitter by Yannick Roy, says that the Studio Director for Bioware Montreal is heading to Los Angeles for E3, a trip that Roy rarely makes.

“Excited to be heading to LA for E3 this morning. My last visit was 8 years ago,” reads the post by Roy.

It would make a lot of sense for Electronic Arts to get the hype train rolling for the next Mass Effect game. While they haven’t revealed the game officially, Bioware has been openly talking about the game via Social Media and their blog for quite some time.

The last we heard, the fourth Mass Effect game was somewhere in the middle of the development process. Is a 2015 release in the cards for Mass Effect 4? We’ll likely find out when EA takes the stage at their press conference on Monday, June 9th.

Bioware talks Next Mass Effect and New Game at E3

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  • Nicole Holt

    So no one actually knows if they really are showing a trailer? Because so far it sounds like a rumor. We can’t prove that there going to LA for the next game yet.

  • Sideways_1M

    Please don’t make a prequel. I don’t understand the obsession with them.

    • 1m19808

      Well it certainly won’t be a sequel. It was said (in the Final Hours app) that any games developed after ME3 will either take place before or during Mass Effect 3. Not sure if stand alone side stories count.

      • Rolan Quarn

        False. From all the sources I’ve seen, including IGN, it’s almost guaranteed to be a sequel. They stated that the intent of the game is to recapture the “stranger in a strange land” elements of the first game. The future is the only real way that a game of Mass Effect’s scope could be radicalized enough to accomplish this. They could introduce new races, planets, systems, and maybe even galaxies. By creating a game that is either before or during the Mass Effect Trilogy, this would be very difficult to achieve. That being said, I know that Bioware definetly wants to do something radical with this game, but they will likely retain many elements from past games, such as the original races and worlds as well as gameplay mechanics.

      • Andrew Escajeda

        Well it wont be a prequel. I can’t imagine it taking place during the reaper events considering Shepard plays a huge role throughout that time. Humanities brief skirmish with the Turians would make a nice 1 hour DLC arcade game. My vote goes for a sequel. I don’t care how far in the future it takes place. I look forward to playing a morally ambiguous biotic blasting baddies again.

    • mclarenfan1968

      If at all the ‘Origins’ name or anything similar to that theme is true, then all I can think of is that it will explore how the reapers really came into existence. That means the Leviathans will play a larger role now in this new trilogy. They were always suspect from the start when they got introduced. They might have been allies of convenience at the end of ME3 (their own agenda based) so no telling if they are really trust worthy outside of that temporary alliance. This obviously implies a sequel.

      All this speculation of course is based on this unproven mostly fake claim of the ‘Origins’ title.

      • FlyAjiraAirways

        Origins was the name of the first Dragon Age. They would not call it that.
        Also, it reminds me of X-Men Origins: Will.I.Am ft. Wolverine, that shitbox of a movie.

        • mclarenfan1968

          All the more reason that these various claims are made by people who are just looking for cheap attention and traffic.

  • hoppsy80

    Hope it does what dragon age is appearing to do and go back to its RPG roots

    • Smirking_Revenge

      “RPG roots”? Mass Effect was never a traditional RPG to begin with. It’s always been a hybrid of a 3rd person shooter with RPG elements in it. And that’s what I love about Mass Effect. Personally I’m not a fan of traditional RPGs.

      • hoppsy80

        Look at the original mass effect compared to me3

        Original me was way more RPG focused and me3 was very much action orientated hence my statement I hope they take it back to its RPG roots.

        • bdlckkd

          Well the first one seemed more strategic like stopping and selecting your enemies and stuff almost kotor like I never played the 3rd one

        • Smirking_Revenge

          The differences between ME1 and ME2+3 mainly focus on how the shooting gameplay works. So in that sense, sure, in ME1 you could customize your guns, ammo, and armor more detailed than the other two games. But that’s about it. As far as interacting with other characters, the environment, and dialogue options go, that hasn’t changed (if anything ME2+3 gave you more options during dialogues). Everything else about the three games are based on a similar structure of gameplay.

          • hoppsy80

            Well I don’t think I’m alone when I say the original me was more RPG focused than me3 so I would completely stand by my statement and say that I want more RPG elements of gameplay like in the original me rather than the more action orientated me3

          • Smirking_Revenge

            Not trying to argue but if your only defense is to say “I’m not alone in my opinion” without explaining anything detailed, well it doesn’t make for a very convincing case. The only major differences between part 1 and the other two is mostly on the customization of guns, ammo, and armor. And that’s really it. I know I’m repeating myself…

            If anything, what they did was amp up the action of the game. But that’s not to say that they killed off the RPG elements (besides the customizing weapons part). Your implication is that Bioware deserted their original formula in favor of a more shooter style game. I disagree. They kept their original formula and simply improved on the shooter aspect.

          • hoppsy80

            Well there is no winner in this argument because at the end of the day its opinion but customisation is a huge reason ms was more RPG focused, the combat was made less RPG tactical and more action orientated, you say this is improved I would say it was made worse.

            The entire feel of the first me was simply more RPG. There is no accounting for taste though and this is just my opinion.

          • Smirking_Revenge

            Agreed… it’s all personal taste. And don’t get me wrong I actually liked the customization of weapons and armor of ME1, and I was slightly disappointed that it didn’t carry over into the other two. But not so much that I’d say the game lost its feel. But to each their own.

          • daxecutioner

            I agree with your statement. I dont know if it had anything to do with EA’s influenced, but after one(especially 3) it basically became a shooting game with powers. Maybe attempting to appeal for more players. Mass effect 3 felt rushed, the side quest were all over the place. You picked them up by over hearing conversations. In reality it kinda became a gears of war type game/mechanic. I love all the armor, weapons Stat based items you picked up in the first one. There was also strategy involve, with the obvious cool down for powers and weapons. Who knows now if Microsoft would have published the trilogy would the game have been more focused and catered to rpg enthusiasts? Instead of this route- multiplatform which I believe degrade games a whole lot. I’m all for everyone getting a chance to play these great games, but I still put quality above all else.

  • mclarenfan1968

    Everyone just repeating the same lame news without any proof whatsoever.

  • RagingRaven

    I hope that if the game really is called “Mass Effect: Origins” it will be like what Dragon Age did and let you pick your own race. It’d be cool to play as an Asari or Turian.

  • invisiblebastard

    Please only be for PS4, Xbox 1, and PC.

    • James Dalton

      No! I wanna play it and I don’t have any of them

    • Johnny Flores

      Yes! I hate how they support past gen consoles. Give us what we want. More power, graphics, everything that can’t be done on last gen

  • Nightz

    Do not want prequel.

    • deadlyjedi

      I think it’s either going to be a complete reboot or set thousands of years after ME3. Nobody wants a prequel, and I think bioware knows that. Doing it right after ME3 boxes them in too much.

      • That L Chap

        Well, I want a prequel. In fact, I’d prefer a prequel, a sequel would be too problematic given the choices at the end of ME3. Plus there’s tons of interesting things to explore before the Reapers turned up. First Contact War?

        • Andrew Bone

          But then there is no mystery, we know much of the history already

        • deadlyjedi

          The comics and even the in-game journal gives a good depiction of what the first contact war was. It’d just be anti-clamatic.

  • GrubKi11er94

    No damn prequels

  • Thonglover

    Please let it be true, I’m dying to see the me4 trailer

  • Rich

    I would like to see a first contact war series. Bet that could be interesting!

  • Andrew Escajeda

    Ooh I hope it’s next-gen only. You can always tell when games straddle the fences during the transition period. Tis’ only a fools hope of course.

  • Yacrest

    I would care if it wasn’t from EA. It’s gonna be a DLC riddled incomplete piece os shit.

  • LOrdFluffy

    There is no way for this to be a sequel
    cause of the choices available to you at the end of ME 3
    they would need to make 3 seprate games in order to give you the ability to continue from what you chose
    OR i guess they could say fuck your progress something happend and only one thing is available

    • Andrew Bone

      The after credits from ME3 suggest shepherd’s story is a legend from many years ago, all three can lead to a similar world with enough time.

    • Upper Dave

      They could just run with the canon story. Better than a prequel anyway.

  • Facts First

    The only real Mass Effect is the first one. All the others are blah.

    • Andrew Bone


    • Mike

      Totally agree

  • Solid Snake

    If its a prequel then I’m going to cancel my preorder and get it cheaper preowned in a few months time.
    I want to see what happens after the messed up ending that ME3 had. Doing a prequel is just them acknowledging they messed up ME3’s ending.

    • Johnny Flores

      First contact in another galaxy????

  • Johnny Flores

    First contact war? I’m down. Everyone you do realize that a prequel would take place hundreds or thousands of years prior to Commander Sheppard. He’s not the only major galactic player there are other galaxies too

    • Upper Dave

      It’s not going to be a prequel. They already confirmed this.

  • Aaron Schultz

    Yanick Roy tweeted this out yesterday:

    “If I was trying to come up with a made-up name for the next Mass Effect, I sure wouldn’t pick Origins…”

    So I think we can officially file that one under the B.S. category…

  • Lecrazy

    I’m insanely excited for Mass Effect 4, but calling the game Origins would be a huge disservice. Not only does a prequel sound lame, but the name would always remind me of Arkham Origins, and that’s not a good thing.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    From article: “Update: Rumors ahead of E3 also suggest that the new game will be called Mass Effect: Origins, and will start a new trilogy for the RPG” —– Apparently this has been debunked. EA said this was NOT the name of the new Mass Effect.

  • Sean

    they need to put the new mass effect in where the first Contact war was or maybe when the humans found the Prothean ruins on Mars, or maybe you go back 50 thousand years ago and it you play as Javik in the Prothean Empire, that would be pretty cool

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