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Our Most Anticipated Games of E3: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

by William Schwartz on May 21, 2011

I think I can speak for most gamers when they say they are looking forward to Elder Scrolls V.  E3 will mark the first look at the game for many journalists that attend gaming’s biggest show of the year in Los Angeles this June 6th-9th, and with the extensive coverage of the show from sites across the web (us included), the hype surrounding the game is sure be at an all time high after the event.

Confirming the rumors to be true, Bethesda announced Skyrim at the Spike Video Game Awards back in December.  Since then, information had come in sparsely about the game until Game Informer blew the doors off of the title with their exclusive preview of the game.  Once information started going public, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim hype has boomed to epic proportions, and rightly so.  The game is set to offer fans of the franchise, a brand new game engine to galavant in, and this is something that fans have been waiting on for quite some time.

And while the new engine will be the back-bone of the gameplay mechanics, the new features in Elder Scrolls V are what’s really getting gamers excited for this RPG.  From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like Bethesda has really gone over the traditional gameplay mechanics of the franchise and made the neccessary changes that give gamers both what they want, and what the franchise needs to be relevant in 2011.

The lore is long and deep in the Elder Scrolls franchise.  Skyrim is no exception.  While the Septims may have been front and center in Oblivion in your quest to close the Oblivion gates, this time around The Dragonborn take center stage.  Instead of the demons which populated Oblivion, you’ll be fighting dragons who have now infested the world of Skyrim, with the mother of all dragons on its way, Alduin.  Revolving around the cleansing of these dragons from the land of Skyrim, they’ll play a huge part in the level progression of your character.  These three word phrases will function as powerful spells that will aid you in battle and offer you a whole new level of power that hasn’t been seen before in an Elder Scrolls game.

If just to see the new engine in action, and Dragonborn storyline unfold,  Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of our most anticipated titles that will be at E3 2011.

What do you think?  Are you excited to hear more about Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?  What games are you excited for? Or wish were revealed at E3 2011.  Let us know in the comments section below.

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Say Something
  • skapoo

    anything from quantic dream

  • HoboDealer

    I’ll be buying a beastly set of headphones for this game, I just want to trap out the whole world and immerse myself. Sounds sad I know but don’t you feel the same? xD

  • Stevie

    im practically giddy for Elder Scrolls :D

  • spam

    i konw its a small thing, but i really want a proper conversation thingy, none of this generic *explore* and *rumours* crap, more fallout style with fully explored options for speech

  • SKIN503

    ES5 is gonna kick fatty arse, Been super pumped for this since the very 1st trailor emerged and the more I see the harder the wait becomes. :p

  • man

    Yea TESV is gonna be a beast but I’m most anticipated for Mass effect 3.

  • Brian

    Why is he getting thumbs down? He likes mass effect so what? Neway i hate the stupid leveling system of oblivion hope its not as s hitty this time. Besides there will be better games at e3… Like batman !!! And wutever hack n slash rpgs ( non fps) there are…

  • Cody


    I highly doubt that their will be any games that surpass an elder scrolls game in quality, but i do agree that there are other games to look forward to as well

  • 360’s My Bitch aka Silenthawx

    Its pretty tough. Too many awesome games coming out this year. My wallet is gonna hate me :(

  • lukenichols

    Skyrim is the game i am most anticipating! I seriously cannot wait, and its been such an awesome year for games so far, its going to even sweeter for bethesda when they pick up some awards at e3!

    With mass effect 3 & assassins creed revelations on the way, its going to be such an awesome year!

  • njb, I tell it like it is

    Most RPG’s like Oblivion are good. Hopefully skyrim wont be like Oblivion at the begining, the sheer fact you can go everywhere straightaway put me off, I like to be pushed along the Main Story or quests First of all otherwise you just get caught up. Its not a BAD thing but i did not like it.

    Skyrim will be good, no doubting that. Im looking foward to Dark Soul’s, Hopefully it does not just copy Demons Soul’s, It looks very similar, i hope that they do not ruin the game by making it appeal to everyone and making it easier and more generic. The difficulty is the best thing about Demons Soul’s, that is why it is loved World Wide.

  • Willbill

    Really? No one caught this? The article claims that killing dragons will give dragon shouts, which is false. You learn dragon shouts from word walls in dungeons; Bathesda hasn’t yet revealed what kind of power-up killing a dragon gives.

    ANYWHO, I was excited about all these awesome games coming out this fall (Batman, Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, etc), but then Skyrim was announced and now I won’t even bother. Skyrim + mods + DLC will have me occupied for at least a year.

  • Danman

    That’s not true! Todd Howard has stated that killing specific dragons will result in the player “absorbing their souls” and learning new shouts as a result. THIS GAME WILL BE AWESOME!!!(this is an understatement!)

  • Bro

    Will there be plenty of bandits, or fighting against people? Is the fight system for fighting people, different than dragons? I heard there are kids in the game as well. Will they be invincible? If I decide to be a cynic, and massacre a town, will the kids still be running around?

    • Danman

      Are you serious dude?? Have you never plaed a TES game? OF COURSE there will be ‘plenty of…fighting against people’!! I mean, this is TES we’re talking about!! Skyrim will be the most EPIC thing since….., well, actually, the most F UCKING EPIC GAME EVER! What’s going to be the best is how non-linear Bethesda is going with the game. Isn’t that what we all ask for in a game, non-linearality? Who describes a game as a limiting experience? Or being told completely what to do in a video game? People with no imagination or sense of fun I guess.

  • Y Draig Goch

    The pre release info has had me salivating and I can’t wait for it, but one thing I would really like to see is vampires, werewolves and whole big quests behind both shapes, like a war between the two. Also I would like to see a return of the daedra in skyrim. What do you guys think?

  • Myself

    I know I’m gonna be given a thumbs down 4 this comment but i was listening to the LotR theme as I read this article & as much as I love Morrowind & Oblivion, Lord of the Rings will always be the lord almighty of fantasy and Epicness for me

    Ye I know it’s a bit off topic, but like if u agree! (no beg)

  • RickyDuPoint

    Nah, it’s all about FIFA. Dragons are for children.

    • teazine

      Nah…I’m 26, have been playing soccer competitively since I was 6, having been playing FIFA for almost as long, and I’m still more excited about Skyrim than any FIFA game.

  • Zilvra

    I am so excited about Skyrim I am searching for new info and watching old stuff over and over. I also have been playing oblivion to help me make it through until november! :D

  • Danman

    Since Bethesda decided to cut the agility and acrobatics skills, I’m wondering how the two concepts will tie into Skyrim. In earlier games(if you don’t know what they are leave now) they were a relatively large facter in combat and how one navigated the map. How will Skyrim determine how I can jump on top of a building or over an enemy? I would also love to see Vampirism and Lycanthropy available.

  • Anon No. 1920349

    I have a question. If that picture that is used as the heading of this article (and many others) concept art
    and, if that is true, then does that mean that there will be mammoths in Skyrim?

    That just makes me even more stoked for this game. Only by a little, but still enough to actually make me anticipate the release even more voraciously. Amasing, isn’t it? :P

    • Zach

      There will be mammoths, which i will enjoy killing with my fists to add dramatic effect and intensity, WINNING!

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