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PlayStation architect promises a strong future for the PS4

by Jonny Hercock on July 19, 2013


Attack of the Fanboy recently reported on part of an interview with Mark Cerny, Head Architect on the PlayStation 4. This wasn’t the end of the interview however; IGN has since posted two further portions of their talk with Cerny.

The second part of the interview focuses on how the PS4 will handle games, including the fast-growing indie market. Beginning with questions about Cerny’s experience, he discusses developing not only the PlayStation architecture, but also his experience with making games.

He also references the growing shift from games with separate single player and multiplayer modes, especially by Ubisoft.  He thinks that the blurring of this line is a trend that will continue in the PS4’s lifetime, as well as the growth of “living software”. Destiny is the game that Cerny uses as an example, “every time you go back to the game, my understanding is; new missions, new places to explore and so on.”, a trend which is expected to expand in the years to come.

The Future’s Bright

The third and final part of the interview covers the futures of Sony, the PS4 and Mark Cerny. He goes into some very deep detail regarding the ability of the GPU, detail which mainly consists of acronyms and complicated jargon. The overall message is summarized below.

It looks like the future for this generation of consoles is very bright indeed.

Cerny says that games within the first year will benefit from the high bandwidth that Sony has, resulting in improved graphics, and will still be great games. In three or four years time however; “you can improve the quality of your world simulation without decreasing the quality of your graphics”, he explains, due to developers having the opportunity to study the architecture of the PS4 for a number of years.

“It looks like the future for this generation of consoles is very bright indeed.”, expresses Mark at one point. So the PlayStation 4 looks like it will not only be a wise buy on the launch day, but also a wise future investment as it will get considerably better within the first four years.

The PS4 will release this winter, thought to be within a few weeks of the Xbox One which is confirmed for a November release.

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  • jaskdavis

    The graphics will still get better after the first year, Just like this gen, if you look at PS3 and Xbox 360 games that came out in the first year vs the ones that come out now look noticeably better!

    • Sniper@

      Like really awesome….have you seen the difference between the release exclusives and what we have 2day?

    • Jonny Hercock

      Of course, hence why Cerny was talking about better world simulation without hindering graphics. Games are going to continue to at least look better on average. (and there’s always a few titles that really shine through as better looking than the games around them)

      Realism is the other main benefit that gamers will see. Physics will be handled even better, which is already being proved by Watch Dogs; the next gen copies of the game have more realistic water and wind particle effects than the current gen instalments.


      Too bad the xbox has the power of the cloud vs p$4’s outdated hardware. Sad really.

      • Jonny Hercock

        You should click the link at the start of the article (“recently reported”).

        It will link you to part 1 of the interview, where he discusses the ability of the cloud.


          You seem upset that the P$4 is already DOA

          • Jonny Hercock

            Incorrect sir. I will, in fact, be buying an Xbox One on the day of release.

            I still think there are enough reasons to justify me buying it, but I respect the PS4 as a worthy competitor.
            Also, Mark Cerny seems like a great asset to Sony, and I respect what he says.

          • Alex Whitfield

            The ps4 has better and faster componets including its ethernet port meaning if sony does off loading the ps4 could do more of it on top of sits more powerful specs also how is 5500 mh capable gddr5 ram and over 1100 gpu clusters dated most pc graphics chips dont hit this range especially not while staying in the same price range. Also remember when servers transfer to new games its all console from there and at those points it means games will age normally for ps4 and age badly for xb1. I hardly consider the 176 gb a second bandwidth dated for the ps4. While the xb1 haveing a minute 68 gb a second well thats practically a third as much so yes ps4 by far more powerful. Why do you think xb1 needed its crutch labeled cloud it was its only hope. Plus yes gddr5 is not to good at cpu so guess what those 1100 clusters will help with cpu and the 8 core 2.75 giga hertz proccessor aint exactly weak now is it. Also how we know what this gddr5 in it can really do it can do 5500 mh while in most cases its only 5000 mh so its obviously been optimized so it will do at least a little better then you think while also getting assitence from the gpu clusters. Sorry but your uninformed pal.

  • Blarg

    Well we’ll wait and see. I don’t trust anyone who’s actually worked on the thing to say something honest.

    • SwappingFrom360toPS4

      if theres one person you can trust, that is Mark Cerny. He spends just as much time talking about previous mistakes of the PS3 as he does about the PS4.

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