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Battlefield 3 October 25, 2011

Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Review

The Verdict on Battlefield 3



Before there was Modern Warfare in the video game world, there was Modern Combat.  After the 2005 release of Battlefield 2,  we have yet to see a numbered game in the Battlefield franchise.  For the first time on consoles, DICE brought it’s popular PC shooter to the masses, with its brilliant vehicular based gameplay, sandbox feel, and wide open battlefields of the game.  Since then, DICE took us into the world of Bad Company, but for true blue fans of the franchise, Battlefield 3 is the game they have been waiting for.  The question is, is it all it’s been hyped up to be?  The short answer is yes.  The game lives up to the hype and DICE’s near mastery of the genre puts forth one of the best multiplayer shooters of this generation.

The Bad Company games have given DICE a very strong starting point for Battlefield 3, introducing the completely refined Frostbite 2 Engine,  the game is simply a marvel to look at on consoles.  With so much made of it’s shortcomings when compared to the PC counterpart, this pre-release hype left many wondering if the console version of the game would be able to hit the same high marks.  Thankfully it does.  The game looks and plays better than Bad Company 1 & 2, and the optional texture pack on the Xbox 360 exhibits some obscenely good graphics in the process.  Lighting and particle effects are some of the best I’ve seen on consoles, and  the action can get quite tense, no matter what game mode you are playing.  DICE has officially nailed the whole immersion thing  when it comes to those that are looking to get the bejeezus scared out of them while playing a shooter.  Sound design and subtle graphics cues deliver gun fights that just aren’t found anywhere else.  Whether it be bullets whizzing overhead, the rumbling of an enemy tank that is searching for its next victim, or the screech of jet fighters over the battlefield, there is always ample opportunity for each round of multiplayer, campaign, or co-op  to feel unique.

There is always ample opportunity for each round of multiplayer, campaign, or co-op  to feel unique.

Battlefield 3 is not the complete overhaul that many had expected it to be.  Probably realizing that there was little wrong with the gameplay design of the Bad Company series, DICE has elected to keep many of the same gameplay elements from the last two games.  The core gun and vehicle gameplay feels eerily familiar to the Bad Company games, with some added enhancements and shifts to the multiplayer loadouts. What is new is DICE’s continuing journey into the single player side of the game.  With each offering getting better since Battlefield Bad Company, Battlefield 3 does feature a rather exceptional single player portion of the game.  This single player campaign probably shows off the best parts about the new engine.  Some amazing sequences display destruction on a massive scale, as well as offering up some interesting single player vehicle missions.  The story may be somewhat contrived at this point, but the action on screen will have you forgiving the me-too story telling.

But it’s not the single player in Battlefield games that have gotten the franchise to this point.  It’s the multiplayer, and boy does Battlefield 3 have it in spades.  As I mentioned above, the squad style gameplay has been changed ever so slightly to incorporate new features for your favorite classes.  Assault and Medic classes have now become a single entity, and it allows for players to attack while also having the ability to revive downed teammates. This makes for some pretty intense battles where squads will duke it out over long corridors or corners, with the likelihood of one of those players having revive capabilities, these battles can become more extended than they have in the past.  Tweaks to the recon class have hindered the popular camping kit with scope reflections that can be seen by other players, and the support kit offers players the ability to pin enemies down while their teammates mop them up.  With nine maps included in the standard version of the game, Battlefield 3 offers quite a bit of variety when it comes to locale.  From wide open levels like Caspian Border, suited for vehicular gameplay, to the tight corridors of Operation Metro, there is literally something for everyone’s taste in Battlefield 3’s multiplayer.  Narrowing that focus further, the game also deviates from the Rush mode, with the traditional Conquest mode, and Team Deathmatch gameplay as well.

Battlefield 3 is not the complete overhaul that many had expected it to be.

DICE’s intention with Battlefield  3 Multiplayer is clearly to keep the player engaged for as long as possible.  The new Battlelog features and Progression System are both implemented well enough to accomplish this.  While it’s not quite as encompassing as the PC’s version of Battlelog, players on console will still be able to utilize some of the features of the web based service by enrolling their ID on EA’s servers. Your Battlefeed will allow you to keep track of friends and their progression in Battlefield 3, which is easily viewed at the title screen for the game.  While the Battlelog features on consoles are less intrusive than its PC counterpart, you may find this to be a benefit because its much easier to find a match and hop in and out with friends on consoles.  The new progression system in Battlefield 3 will have you tirelessly grinding away to unlock the upper echelon weapons and perks of the game.  Each kit has its own unlockables, and each point earned on the battlefield will go towards unlocking something.  Have a killer round in a tank, and you’ll likely earn points towards unlockables that pertain to the tank, with the same thing going for each weapon in the game.  There’s also an overarching skill points system that will unlock items for all classes.  It’s a serious system that DICE has already said could take quite a while for even the hardest of the hardcore to unlock all pieces.  Nevertheless, it definitely keeps you engaged in how you are performing on the field of play.

Battlefield 3 is by no means perfect.  For anyone that played the beta of the game, you saw that there were some hiccups on consoles.  While DICE did an amazing job and adhered to their word when it comes down to fixing the majority of the complaints during the beta, some problems definitely still do persist in the game.  Texture pop-in, screen tearing, and clipping all show up enough to warrant their mention, but don’t really make a huge difference in the way that the game plays.  Aside from these occasional graphical missteps, the game plays night and day compared to the beta, and has a much smoother feel to the action than it had.  Server issues might have been the root of some of the problems, but aside from the normal lag that crops up, the game does well even when the 24 person servers are maxed out.  Of course, this wouldn’t be a Battlefield 3 complaints section without the mention of other players.  It is simply mind boggling that some players still don’t use their kits and their capabilities when playing online.  When it all comes together and players use their ammo drops and health kits as they should, the game rocks.  When they don’t,  it can be somewhat frustrating.  Battlefield 3 is definitely not the game for players that don’t like to communicate with their teammates and fight for the win, instead of for personal statistics.  Hopefully as more players return to the battlefield and learn to use the tools that DICE has put forth this team aspect can be adopted on a wider scale.

I think the true measure of Battlefield 3 is the fact that you can’t replicate what you’ll find in any given game you play.  The destruction, coupled with vehicles, huge maps, and variety of weapons, give each match a very distinct feel.  While the Campaign and Cooperative gamemodes are nice added bonuses and some may say the best in the developer’s history, they aren’t the real reason you should be purchasing Battlefield 3.  That reason is multiplayer, and it doesn’t get much better than Battlefield 3 when it comes to that, despite some of its more superficial flaws.

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    Battlefield 3 failed. It isn’t ready for release but they still released the game just to try to get it out and getmore money before MW3 came out.

    • nick

      How did it fail?

    • walkingdead08

      dude your a dumbass this game is amazing your just blinded by stupiedness. its ok not everyone can handle bf3 the right way cuz its not just a run and gun game u actully have to be good at it. so shut ur pie hole

    • Drake

      just bury his trolling comment

    • Frank

      This game has an 80 on Metacritic. An 80 isn’t a bad score, but when a game has been hyped up as much as BF3, only to get an 80 is TERRIBLE. Console owners make up the majority of people who buy games, so to half ass on the console version is unacceptable. EA promised a game better than CoD, but BF3 fails at being better. Only a blind BF fanboy would disagree.

  • Tom

    Getting this on PS3, betcha PS3 version looks slightly better – it comes on one blu-ray on PS3 as opposed to multi-dvd on x360.

    • RoadShow

      Way to go! This just proves that Xbots are fat pieces of shit trolls. They can’t accept that their console is inferior and that every good game made on it now will have to release on multiple disks. Finally Xbox isn’t holding back the gaming industry with it’s inferior console and that’s evident in that developers finally don’t care how many disks it takes to put a good game out there, they are going to do it.

      You sir are getting thumbed down because these ass wipes can’t handle the truth.

    • Cool dude

      Dvd and Bluray doesn’t define graphics mate. Its the CPU and the GPU. By the way, a very fine review indeed. If William likes it… I like it too :D

    • Allen

      Yep cool dude is right! Blu ray just offers a larger capacity and more peace of mind regarding scratches.

      No big deal, you just pissed out $300 on a POS with no features, thats best exclusives are on PC, that has old technology and is the only gaming platform pay to play so you can swap disks like it’s 1995.

      Bla ha ha ha

  • Don

    Bought this game last night and I am returning it thus morning. If you read this then DON’T BUY IT, THIS GAME STINKS!

    • Drake

      yeah we all care what you think

    • Drake

      yeah we all care about your opinion

  • Drake

    damn double posted sorry

    • That Guy

      double the thumbs up :P

  • Brian

    I scrolled down to the comments expecting a bunch of stupid comments. I was not disappointed.

  • nick

    Look at all them dislikes. Call of Duty defense team is out in force today.

  • nick

    Good review

  • Bacon

    Funny if the trolls were cod fans pretending to be bf fans just so they could trash it, it’s funny for us and a pathetic for the trolls

  • Paul

    Can someone tell me if there is a profanity option for BF3? If so I might purchase it today. Thank you.

    • Tenzing

      Its rated M for a reason.

    • Paul

      So is Black Ops, and so is Bulletstorm, all with profanity options. So what you should have answered is you don’t know. Thank you.

    • That Guy

      NO. theres your answer. and there never will be.

  • Jason

    I was really looking forward to this game. Trailers promised BF3 to be way better than MW3. But it is a tragic failure of the hype and overpromise. There are way too many glitches in the game play. The single player is too short and story is a big let down. It is a dumbed down version just to showcase the graphic prowess. But Sir, on that front too the glitches make it an eyesore at times. I played it on Ps3 console so maybe I give it a benefit of doubt and hope it might fare better on PC. But honestly, all these months of Battlefield 3 hype, boils down to an average shooter at best. I am not a fan of COD series but I hope MW3 does not disappoint its hard core fans like BF3 did. This game too went the Rage way…
    If only they could take more time to polish the game. If you guys have not purchased it yet, I would suggest please avoid it. Dont buy this…You have much better options like Batman:Arkhum City and Uncharted 3.

    • nick

      Installing it now. Ill probably write a really long review and post it on the forums sometime.

    • Dolphe

      FUCK ALL THIS DIDNT LIVE UP TO THE HYPE BULLSHIT i am god damn tired of fags saying that shit not just for bf3 but for almost every big game its ur god damn fault for setting ur expectations too fkn high sht u dont like it fuck off i dont understand why ppl who already have the game go on reviews for the games they have just to talk sht u dont like it thats u impossible for any game to b liked by everyone and since im a realist i know bf3 was held back by consoles im a ps3 player im not denying it not everyone is rich

    • nick

      “”FUCK ALL THIS DIDNT LIVE UP TO THE HYPE BULLSHIT i am god damn tired of f*gs saying that s**t not just for bf3 but for almost every big game its ur god damn fault for setting ur expectations too fkn high sht u dont like it f**k off i dont understand why ppl who already have the game go on reviews for the games they have just to talk sht u dont like it thats u impossible for any game to b liked by everyone and since im a realist i know bf3 was held back by consoles im a ps3 player im not denying it not everyone is rich””

      Dude chill. Since when is 93/100 AVERAGE a bad score? The only bad thing about this game is the lame singleplayer. I guess if you were expecting the singleplayer to be good its a disappointment, but anyone who expects a BATTLEFIELD game to have a good singleplayer is an idiot. Cod has WAY better campaigns and always will. Battlefield is all multiplayer.

    • Christopher

      I cannot but not agree with Jason. Battlefield 3 has a bad campaign, relative to BF2. Also the graphics on Ps3 did not look as good as they showed it in trailers. I am extremely upset that the overhype led to such a dampner of a game. All gas no fizz..

      If you guys dont have too much money to spend this fall, DONT BUY this. Rent it at some later date if you must. But spend your limited money on something which is epic and awesome like Uncharted. And if you still insist on FPS then please wait till MW3 comes in. Once the reviews are out, make a wise decision. Just dont get into the temptation to buy now. You will not regret.

  • Jason

    First off DONT use my name haha jk, Second – the game is amazing, and did NOT let me down so go stick your dick in a meat grinder!

  • Mike

    If it sold one copy, got crap reviews, i would still get it because i want it and I’m not a sheep that follows the crowd. But i suppose multiplayer wouldn’t be too good with one other person owning the game lol

    • Frank

      So what’s in the Kool-aid if you’d still buy it with crap reviews? That isn’t being a sheep, but it is being stupid. I have no hate towards Dice, just EA. They’re the laughing stock of the gaming industry right now. Everyone knew this game would be amazing on PC, but crap on consoles. But sheep like 95% of this website talked SOOO much its hard not to laugh at this game flopping. He who laughs last, laughs loudest! Better luck next time Dice, and make sure EA doesn’t get the best of you again!

  • Bruce

    Battlefield 3 is an outside winner on multipayer. But on singleplayer it is a sheer disaster. Instead of spending money on so much marketing hype and paid PR on gaming review websites, they should have worked on improving story and single player campaign..Hope BF4 sorts this weakness.

  • Heavenswarrior121

    So far im hearing mixed reviews..some people saying it sucks, it diddnt live up to the hype and some people saying its good..ima play it today and see how it is

  • josh


    I was so not interested in this game, thought I would be underwhelmed by it.
    I went and bought it at midnight launch for 360.

    It is phenomenal.
    Havn’t played the single player yet, but the multiplayer is just so good its hard to even describe how much theyve done right with this game.

    So epic.

  • Titan

    Memory constraints on both systems are holding back the industry, not multiple discs

    • Allen

      PS3 has a better ram set up than Xbox, also PS3 has a much better processor and blu ray.

      I will agree that Xbox has a better GPU which developers have been able to do some amazing things with, however add the dirty way that M$ was doing business and it’s easy to see that yes M$ has been holding back the gaming industry.

    • Brian


      “better ram set up”

      lol you make my laugh.

    • Allen

      Dude I’m not making $hit up and I said that developers were able to do great things with the 360 hardware. But .

      Xbox360: Unified memory, less powerful CPU.

      PS3: split memory, more powerful CPU.

      PS3 has 256MB XDR RAM running @3,2GHz, which is main system RAM, and another 256MB GDDR3 VRAM running @700MHz for graphics (bandwidth: XDR RAM @25,6GB/s and VRAM @22,4GB/s)

      Xbox has unified 512MB of GDDR3 RAM architecture running @700MHz, which I assume is used for both system operations as well as graphics operations (bandwidth: EDRAM @256GB/s and GDDR3 @22,4GB/s).

      But this just means that PS3

    • Allen

      I swear this site either just posts when it feels like it or there is some type of hot key I’m accidently hitting that posts it.

      This just means that the PS3 has more available ram because it shares the work load better. Again not saying that Xbox is $hit, it is easier to develop for which has been it’s strong point most of it’s life but it is another one against Xbox.

      PS3 has better processor, better ram and Blu Ray

      Xbox has a better GPU and is easier to write for.

      Regardless, Battlefield looks bad ass on both platforms and consoles are holding up well compared to the PC version.

    • Cool dude

      Wow Allen. The Xbox 360 has a better RAM than its Ps3 counter part. I don’t know whats gotten in to you but Ps3 is not a Super computer.

      Xbox 360 has more ram and a better GPU as opposed to the better CPU architecture of the Ps3. But does it make any difference??? NO!

      Allen just stop being a loser.

    • Allen

      Dude I just gave technical details of both systems ram. You are a freaking moron, if your GPU and ram was better then why the hell do PS3 exclusives blow your system out of the water.

      Now that developers are better at coding for PS3 it shows in multi plats as well. Xbox looks great on Battlefield 3 but Xbox has held back the gaming industry. It’s also hurt it with it’s pay to play subscription based service, now everyone wants a piece of that pure income pie and more pay to play will be in the future of gaming.

    • Cool dude

      Bro, even Psn is not free anymore. Did you forget about the Online PSN pass? Pay to play exclusives?

    • Allen

      F U C K you cool dude.

      So what the hell is XBOX since you have to PAY xbox and PAY for online passes?

  • Br@D

    My girlfriend is going to kill me if i buy another game…oh well, this game looks great. Im getting now.

  • Maverick

    I wanted a realistic FPS and i thing BF3 pulled it off.
    First of it’s kind and it’s going to get even better when the new consoles come out.

  • Joker0027

    I am a COD fan boy, but I decided to get this anyway. It looks too good to pass up.

  • Xtreme

    Am trading in all my cod games just to get this one bf game!!!! Oh yeah!!!!! So worth it!!!!

  • nick

    It seems BF3 has fantastic multiplayer, with meh singleplayer. Which means its just like…every other Battlefield game. Ever. lol DICE keeping up the tradition.

  • Truth

    If it wasn’t for the failbox, this game on the ps3 would have been even better. Maybe uncharted 3 quality. Stupid inferior overpriced junk ruins games.

    • That Guy

      ” Stupid inferior overpriced junk ruins games.”

      youre right, this game would have been better if it wasnt on the consoles.

  • Xbox PSN

    Good game. My only complaint is the server issues. If you can’t get it right during the beta AND now, then what was the point of the beta??? Enlighten me, EA.

    • josh

      sever issues?

      my only problem so far is the jump system can be off and on sometimes as far as vaulting.

  • Aaron

    What most people don’t realize is that, as nice as this review is, you can’t give a 100% accurate review after playing a game for a few hours. This goes for every game. After a few months all the bugs will be exposed and developers will be able to patch. Then you can truly give an accurate review.

    • cheesewaffle1

      false!! when you play skyrim for 2 hours it will be 10/10 easy muthafucka

    • nick

      Aaron is right. Day 1 impressions never mean much. AS OF RIGHT NOW I am enjoying BF3 A LOT. But who knows? I might grow to hate it. The only way to know a game is to spend time with it.

    • abc

      battlefield is a game that you will appreciate as you play it more.

      cod is the contrast of that. its fun for the first few weeks then it will just go stale.

      thumb me down fanboys i dont really care. you know its the truth so just shut it.

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Who ever honestly thinks this game is better them mw3 needs to go swim in bleach…-_- way to much camping

    • Drake

      you still trolling around?


      both bf3 and cod are sh!tty games full of camping. if you wanna play a real game online then play gears of war or halo

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Nah just givin my is over rated…dont cry cause your game suck

    • Drake

      Yeah I’m so sad about YOUR OPINION, who cares about what you say. The fact of the matter is you have been trolling around battlefield articles for some time each time saying it sucks but commenting on the articles anyway. AND telling people who have a different opinion to “swim in bleach” is not an opinion it’s probably a gaddafi style anti-freedom atrocity.

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Whens the last time i posted on a battlefield 3 article? Go back and check dumb dumb…and your clearly upset because i said go swim in up and stop acting like a little girl..wait till modern warfare 3 comes out

    • Drake

      for some reason u remind me of that other troll Ihatehipsters because a) it seems your a kid judging from your grammar and choice of words same as ihatehipsters b) considering the timezone I’m guessing your an aussie just like Ihatehipsters who claim himself to be one either way your comebacks are weak.

  • Paul

    From reading other reviews out on the Internet it looks like a lot of people hate this game, apparently it’s not living up to the hype. The game hasn’t even been released for 24 hours yet here on the west coast and I see gamestop has had many returns already. I’m glad I didn’t rush out and buy this game.


    drake honestly man go f*ck yourself im aloud to not like generic first person shooters it doesnt make me a troll. idk why people are so pumped for this, besides the graphics wh*res. prey 2 looks way more amazing.

    • Drake

      umm.. yes it does make you a troll because you have been commenting on both bf and cod articles even though u claim to hate them so much is it because u got burned by rage?

      ps “IM GONNA ASK FOR MONEY AND SAVE UP AND BUY THIS BADBOY!!!. also to save cash i might download all the games from the pirate bay [might]” that implies ur a kid

  • heavenswarrior121

    lol i just read alot of reviews biggest complaints are “CAMPERS, GLITCHES IN THE ENGINE, SUCK ASS SINGLE PLAYER ,AND OVER RATED MEANING IT DIDDNT LIVE UP TO THE HYPE”! lol why would anyone think this game could compete with modern warfare 3 lmfao fools!

  • josh

    @ Paul
    “From reading other reviews out on the Internet it looks like a lot of people hate this game”

    @ Heavenswarrior

    Here are the metacritics
    PC – 92
    360 – 86
    PS3 – There’s only 3 reviews up, 2 90s and a 83.

    So how again are you finding out people hate this game? Who is saying it’s overrated?
    Also, HW, I don’t see how you can complain about campers when half of the game modes are heavy based on defending/attacking objectives. Do you expect me to not chill where I’m supposed too?

    Where are you hearing people say this, I’ve read many reviews, the only thing you’ve gotten accurate is the single player being lame, and the engine does have some MINOR glitches that happen with the jumping, ect.

    MOD3 will suck dude, I really don’t know what warped perspective of good games you have if you are seriously looking forward to that.

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Yea just like metacritics rated little big planet a 95 so i guess thats better then battlefield 3?? Lmao ok then shut up critics is based on opinions…

    ofcourse battlefield fan boys are going to become the defense but the game diddnt live up to the not going to say it sucks but its not nowear near modern warfare 3 level!! All that trash talk realy? Please we all know whats a better game and clearly it isnt battlefail 3

    • nick

      lol multiplayer definitely lived up to the hype.

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Drake seriously just shut up..and when did i ever said i hate both games?? Lmao idiot putting words in my mouth now or should i say your typing false statements! I love every cod game sept ass ass black ops and battlefield 3 is a ight game just hate all the bf fan boys who are in a stupid trance denial saying that game is better then mw3 and which we all know its not!! Lol stop being such a sissy and man up..and actually im 18 and most likely your 30 something

    • drake

      wow i never said you hated both games moron, i told ihatehipsters that, Oh wait both of you are the same person in which case that is truly pathetic


      no he said i hated both games lol which is true but i guess your me so who cares right??


    drake im 17 and your probably some old fag who thinks he knows gaming lol

  • Paul

    Go to amazon and read the reviews, people hate this game, I don’t give a crap what Metacritic?? says it’s only about the people.

  • Paul

    This game is running horribly right now even after a Beta. So much for the beta being so awesome and making this game run great, DICE has shown that they can have a beta and stillproduce crap.

  • ripvision

    VideoGamer 8 / 10
    Eurogamer 8 / 10
    Planet Xbox 360 8.8 / 10
    Official Xbox Magazine UK 8 / 10
    Joystiq 9/10
    IGN 9 / 10
    1UP A-
    AtomicGamer 9 / 10
    Cheat Code Central 4.6 / 5
    Computer & Video Games UK 9.2 / 10
    GameSpy 5 / 5
    Gametrailers 9.2 / 10
    Game Informer 9.5 / 10

    60+ Awards

    With those scores I’m amazed on how people still find ways to troll on it. If you don’t like it, don’t play it. Moving on.

    • Frank

      60+ Awards before it came out. All the higher scores are for the PC version anyways. 8 out of 10 is a terrible score simply because of all the trash talk EA was doing. BF3 for 360 has an 80 on Metacritic. That’s bad. Had EA not talked so much GARBAGE, maybe they would’ve provided Dice with better recourses to make a better game.

  • nick
  • BIGRED15

    The metacritic score does not lie. If its reviewed by professionals and is getting a 92% avg. It’s more than obvious that its doing something right. And most if not all these reviews are accurate. The biggest stipulation is the sp. It’s solid. Not bad but decent. It’s more spectacle than anything. Haven’t gotten to online but I’m sure its gonna b wicked.

    Let’s set a few things straight here: battlefield is in the same company as uncharted and Batman with reviews. It’s hard for any game to get a 90 on metacritic. This means the game has recieved universal praise of some kind. U know whats funny is cod fans are likely to get a game around that same score as bf. people need to stop the insatiable need to complain because BF has proved all the naysayers wrong. Cod haters will get theirs too. Let the professionals tell u how good the game is if ur that skeptical (and let’s b honest not a damn person who visits these forums is qualified enough to review a game like BF or cod because the bias is outta control). Both of these games are gonna get mocked for similar reasons probably due to single players and lack of innovation but so what. If ur a fan of either it won’t matter.

    Lastly, quit with all the exaggerations. U know who u are and u also know ur just looking for any rise u can get left from the triumphant BF fans.

    • nick

      Critic review scores are often not very representative of the product. Critics tend to scramble to get reviews out day 1 rather than spending time with a game to get to know it. So the fact that BF3 has a high metacritic average doesnt mean much. Dont get me wrong Im enjoying BF3 a lot (multiplayer, at least) but I dont trust the critics.
      User review scores are bad too. Often times crying whiners will make reviews like “0/10 DIS GAEM SUCKS I WANNA 100 PLAYRS ON XBOX”. Just get the game and get your own opinion.

    • Frank

      Its score is sinking, and fast. Yesterday it had a 93, now it has an 89 for PC. The console version had an 85, and now sits at 80. No excuses, Dice and EA overhyped this game to hell. No, BF doesn’t sit with Uncharted 3(94) or Arkham City(95) with reviews. Nor does it even with Black Ops(87) or MW2(93). I’m disappointed in both EA and in Dice. Yeah, I’m a CoD fanboy, but to persuade people that they were delivering the best game, and not doing so isn’t right!

    • nick


      bullshit. I have metacritic opened in a tab right now. Just refreshed it and BF3 PC is STILL 92. Console is 86. lol nice one.

    • Frank

      NICK! Stop being a fanboy!!! The 360 version has an 82, PS3 84, and the PC a 92! Its sinking! Wait till it reaches 30 reviews dude. He who laughs last, laughs loudest! Remember that! All of you BF fanboys were saying that BF3 was going to destroy CoD, but it didn’t. It only makes EA look worse.

    • nick

      Is that a 92 I see? lol not that hard to mix up numbers.

      Cod isnt even out yet, so nobody has “won” yet. But Battlefield 3’s multiplayer is one of the most amazing multiplayer suites Ive ever played so far. The graphics, the destruction, the scale, the everything. Cod will have a better campaign like it always does. but Battlefield will annihilate Cod’s multiplayer. There is NOTHING new or interesting about Cod’s multiplayer.

      Who gives a shit about reviews anyways? BLACK OPS got high review scores and that game was a MASSIVE pile of shit. ANYONE retarded enough to consider reviews after that needs to quit gaming.

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Ooo i thought that post was to me but either way battlefield 3 is not better then mw3 and mw3 diddnt even come out yet…yes i tried playing the game to much camping you know why? Because you have to defend so people lay on the floor and camp..thats why i dont play head-quarters on cod games because campers play that game to rack up high kills and death…

    I just hate campers so much,i hate it!! But yea the graphics are good,some weapons sound good,but in the end all i do is snipe just like alot of people do,i realizeed alot of bf 3 players snipe alot and i like that i live sniping! Ima master at sniping!

    • nick

      dude theres a difference between camping and using cover.

      CAMPING = sitting in a corner, nowhere near an objectieve waiting for people to come by for the SOLE PURPOSE of kills.

      DEFENDING = Using cover to hold down an area and not get shot FOR THE OBJECTIVE.

      Almost everyone uses COVER in BF3. There are few campers. You know how to counter enemies using cover? Use cover yourself. Ive seen a few campers, but they were easy to dislodge using destruction. Quit “rushing” (running out into the open) in BF3. Its not how you’re supposed to play the game.

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Nick i understand that part of the game but im talking about wheres the gun on gun gameplay at? Like when both teams clash together just shooting eachother up? Its a fps game, i never see none of that…i understand its different then cod but still then bf fan boys talj about team-work? Really?the whole time i was playing bf3 THERE WAS NO TEAM WORK just tanks and jets everywear

    • nick

      Tehran Highway 24 player team deathmatch

    • nick

      Thats gun on gun. Asymmetric. Pretty faced paced too. And no vehicles. Its like cod without cods bullshit.

  • BIGRED15

    Think of it this way. Employ ground and pound tactics and risk being flanked by attackers. Stay dug into the objective and loose the risk of losing the objective. I hate camping too man but I hate it more when my team wanders off leaving me to defend an objective and get r@p3d in the process. If people would dig in to the objective and allow the assault and support to go at the attacker head on IN SHIFTS it makes it easier to defend. My best games were as attacker because people don’t use these tactics making it easier to get objectives. My highest was 7500 pts with 30+ k just because no one squad would cover all flanks to keep players from sneaking around. But no one listens so more pts for me…

  • Heavenswarrior121

    @Bigred15 finaly thank you i finaly fount somebody who has proven point and facts!! I agree on the objective thing like when i played mw2 i play search and destroy alot and groundwar(td/domination) where im like the only person who is trying to get points and win the game,while my team is just worrying about kills,i hate that I HATE LOSING,

    But for example im playen s&d i planted the bomb i dont camp near the bomb i patrol the area i dont leave to far from the bomb but i dont camp i hate it,on domination i capture the objectives then leave i have to win,

  • tim

    Why so many dislikers and trolls?
    Heavenswarrior121 – For goodness sake its a fuking video game. As in a virtual world. Yes I get the appeal for games and i do play them from time to time (Yes i do play BF and CoD) and they are such good games.
    You said – ‘lol i just read alot of reviews biggest complaints are “CAMPERS, GLITCHES IN THE ENGINE, SUCK ASS SINGLE PLAYER ,AND OVER RATED MEANING IT DIDDNT LIVE UP TO THE HYPE”! lol why would anyone think this game could compete with modern warfare 3 lmfao fools!’
    Where the fuck did you get those reviews from. I have seen lots of OFFICIAL reviews and none of them referred to campers. They also said that there were glitches in the engine but it wasnt game breaking and it would be easily fixed in a patch. This is only the first 2 days of its release in America i think.
    You also said ‘I love every cod game sept ass ass black ops’ Woah. Black ops was SERIOUSLY OVER HYPED yet you are still prominent over CoD. Dude OVER HYPE has come into your kid ground before.
    You also said ‘man up..and actually im 18 ‘. Wow your grammar says so much. You MUST have went to the lamest secondary school ever and to have grammar like that. If you had done your GCSE’s I am extremely shocked.
    Final point ‘I just hate campers so much,i hate it!! But yea the graphics are good,some weapons sound good,but in the end all i do is snipe just like alot of people do,i realizeed alot of bf 3 players snipe alot and i like that i live sniping! Ima master at sniping!’ Right I see a bit of good words about BF3 there. Dude are you changing your mind every comment. You are pathetic.

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Tim you must be another 30 year old sissy,battle field 3 was over hyped end of story..maybe if you read and understand what im trying to say you will be good but clearly your not and you must be upset..go change your panties

    • Tim

      ‘Tim you must be another 30 year old sissy,battle field 3 was over hyped end of story..maybe if you read and understand what im trying to say you will be good but clearly your not and you must be upset..go change your panties’
      1st point. Im not 30 year old, but i could be. You couldnt be nevermind 18, you couldnt be 12.
      2nd point. Maybe overhyped for you. For many people (me included) the hype was all worth it. What you are doing is (as ‘abc’ said ‘hard to argue with a bunch of kids like you who spit out utter bullsh!t.’) What you are doing is just criticizing, criticizing and criticizing, not in a constuctive way, but with no meaning, context or structure at all. Go back to your CoD pages and say what you like, we dont care. Leave us BF fans (rightfully so!) becasue we have reasons to like this amazing franchise. We actually like CoD fans who lend a bit or help that might help the BF franchise. But you people lend no help. This is a quote that represents my point
      ‘Nick foreal honestly cut it one played battlefield 2 for 6 straight years’
      Dude. IVE been playing BF 2 for 6 years. And lots of servers are still full, of course it wasnt how it used to be but it is still playable. I have been playing BFBC2 a bit as well. If you know so mch about the number or people playing BFBC2 add me as a friend ‘KILLZONE STREAK’.

  • X

    Have fun paying $60 for the COD beta. I’ll have fun playing a real man’s game. You stupid kids can make your pen¡s emblems all u want on your precious game.

  • abc

    heavenswarrior and ihatehipsters

    hard to argue with a bunch of kids like you who spit out utter bullsh!t.

  • Heavenswarrior121

    @abc i speak the truth dont get mad because battlefail 3 was over hyped…i feel bad because mw3 is going to destroy this game lmfao and bf3 fan boys say this game can last 2 years? LMFAO!!!!

    • nick

      BF2 lasted 6 years and counting so I dont see why this cant do the same.

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Nick foreal honestly cut it one played battlefield 2 for 6 straight years

    • nick

      Go check the EA forums. Some people have over 2000 hours of BF2. Its ridiculous but its true. I only have around 800 hours of BC2 (counting all platforms)

    • Allen

      Dude I still play Battlefield 2 on my PC so you are wrong. Battlefield 2 is epic and is still very fun today.

    • Adam

      Lol, says the person who said Battlefield 2 was, “too crowded you’re literally falling over people”

  • IRAN

    YOU just can defeat IRAN in computer games.In real warfare you will scape.

    • nick

      Umm were not at war with Iran right now.

  • IRAN


  • IRAN

    CRAZY WESTERNS ! go ahead ! you will arrive .but where ! ask your self. i m persian . whats your nationality?what? barbarians?

    • Allen

      I suggest creating a glass monument of all of Iran to commemorate your glory. He he, I think just a couple of strategic nukes should do it!

  • Jose

    Have you guys realized. On this website, bad games get more commented than good games. Compare Batman:Arkhum City the most awesome game this year but getting very less comments, even Resistance 3 got fewer comments.

    But Rage & BF3, possibly the most disappointing games of 2011 getting so many comments. A good product gets less gossip than bad overhyped products.

    • nick

      I still dont get how people think Battlefield 3 is bad.

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Battlefield 3 isnt a bad game but on my part/point of view..all the trash talkin that dice/ea has been doing and to release a game like they just did have the nerv!!! Listen we argue about which game is better!!! WHICH GAME!! If battlefield 3 single player and coop mode sucks and the only thing thats kind of fun is the multiplayer how can the bf3 game be better then mw3 game???? Mw3 has 3 good features single,multi,and spec ops that is a complete game so mw3 GAME is better then bf3 GAME…

    • Allen

      WTFE – Run and gun is for wussies that have no skills and rely on random spawning points to get kills.

      Battlefield – Vehicles, Destruction, no random spawning behind the dude that just killed you, skill, tacticts, stratagy, team work, or even just doing your own damn thing takes skill for every kill you have and for your self not to be killed.

      Just because there are more Justin Beiber pu$$ies out there that prefer to run and gun with asolutely no skill or experience needed doesn’t mean that it’s better.

      Battlefield called out COD for good reason, MW3 really is a a MW2 expansion pack or even MW2.5.

      Look at the difference between Battlefield 3 and Battlefield Bad Company 2. Huge, now look at the difference between MW2 and MW3 – I can’t see a difference. Sure it’s not out yet, the screens and all the trailers, features it has proves it’s the same. That and the exact same graphics engine.

    • nick

      MW3 – better campaign
      BF3 – better multiplayer and graphics.
      Co Op – both are fun.


  • Kurumu

    Okay, let’s get one thing straight. You CANNOT compare BF3 and MW3. Why?
    Battlefield 3 is a game for teamwork, tactics, intelligent methodology. It requires planning when you play, you can’t just go running around the massive maps expecting to get kills every minute. If you try running around the map, shooting all over the place, expect to have a bullet through your head shot by the tactical sniper 1,000 meters away.

    Modern Warfare 3 is the complete opposite of that. You can go around running, shooting and getting kills. It’s more unrealistic, filled with more immature people and big headed 12 year olds.

    They’re completely two different kind of games. Stop being unintelligent and comparing them with each other.

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