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Fox Engine Screenshots from Kojima

by Bill Hess on June 3, 2011

Hideo Kojima revealed the multiplatform engine that his next game will be made on, yesterday at the Konami pre-E3 press event.  The engine, which looked great in motion, also looked just as well standing still, as you can see by the latest screenshots from Fox Engine.  The new engine which is described to be the first step for the developer to move away from development for a single platform.

The screenshots below are the stills of the demonstration video shown yesterday at the event.

[imagebrowser id=286]

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  • 360’s My Bitch aka Silenthawx

    It won’t look as good as MGS4, if this will be used primarily as a multi-platform tool. :/

  • moises

    most retarded comment: u dude on top get the prize…..seriously just beacuse its not on one system exclusive dosent mean its lame or from a bad quality

  • horsehunt

    yeah, dude. it already looks better. don’t be a such a sony bitch. they are both good.

  • NJB


    Its been 3 years since MGS4, Some engines surpass it, not many.

    MGS4 is better than most dribble that gets released. Dont worry bout MGS, They are all works of art and they will remain classics. Just a bit worried by MGS Rising, Hideo is not helping or inputting in anyway so it could go pear shaped but its purely Raiden so blades and Lighting powers are the deal.

    And IF their is going to be a MGS5 then it wont use this engine. No need to worry MGS has ended, Only spinoffs and other Characters stories might be done but Solid Snake’s mission is over and his EPIC story has been completely told. Its only taken 30 years LOL.

    Kojima Productions have done a Sweet job with this, the pics look amazing and other Dev’s definately could learn a few things. The lighting especially is stunning, all the Light sources, Shadows and even though it is a still image the jungle looks like its moving.

    • SilentHawx

      True I didn’t actually consider other multiplatform Ip’s given they dubbed it Fox Engine. Man I was worried it would be muliplatform for MGS5. Whew.

  • NJB

    Metal Gear Solid will always be an exclusive on 1 platform. With the exception of MGS2 Subsistence, was on Xbox but it did not do well.

    The Original Metal Gear games are on the MSX2, The NES got Snake’s revenge. Metal Gear Solid is on PS1, MGS2 & 3 are on PS2, MGS4 is on PS3. The PSP got the turn based games, Portable ops and Peacewalker.

    MGS Rising & Metal gear Snakes Revenge are the only 2 games that Hideo had nothing to do with.

    Rising is multiplatform, Maybe Konami are trying to get visability because i think Rising might use the Fox Engine. Kojima Productions are making Rising, Hideo wants his team to learn and take lead. Maybe Hideo wants to get some 360 gamers into the Metal Gear Story, Not sure it will work. Most of the 360 community are under 18 and are only interested in COD.

    Hideo is not silly, he knows who his target audience is and i doubt he would sell out Metal Gear Solid like quite alot of Dev’s have done with their games/Franchise.

  • NJB

    Oh and The GameCube got the MGS1 remake Twin Snakes.

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