Dragon Ball Super Episode 15 Review: Hercule Claims To Have Beaten Beerus

by Damian Seeto


After ending the epic Battle of Gods saga last week, Dragon Ball Super takes a step back this week for a funny light-hearted episode where Hercule Satan takes center stage.

The great thing I liked about this week’s episode is that it is all-new material. This is something we have not seen before since the previous episodes have all been just a retelling of the Battle of Gods movie. This is something fresh and funny.

We get a glimpse of what life is like for Gohan and Videl. Both of them are living in their new home and Gohan is doing all of the chores now that Videl is pregnant.

If there is one thing I have to say, it’s that I miss the feisty crime-fighting attitude that Gohan and Videl used to have in Dragon Ball Z. It’s kind of boring seeing Videl just being a normal house wife, while Gohan is not the super strong fighter he used to be.

Vegeta makes a short cameo in this episode too. He’s just staring up in space like always wondering how he can become a Super Saiyan God like Goku did. He will have more focus in next week’s Dragon Ball Super episode.

Episode 15 was mainly focused on Hercule Satan. The media and general public wanted to know what was happening lately. Hercule Satan lies once again and tells everyone that he was engaged with a fierce battle with Beerus up in space.

Hercule says he had to become a blonde Super Saiyan in order to defeat Beerus. It was an epic battle and that’s why the people of Earth felt all of the aftershocks of the fight. We know as the audience that Goku was the main hero.


I know Hercule Satan has some of this critics, but I do find the character to be entertaining and funny now. You have to admit that he’s helpful to the Z fighters too. He protects their identity by pretending that he wins the fights and he is able to handle the media too. I don’t imagine someone like Vegeta being friendly towards the media…

Hercule Satan then becomes scared when a few lion-looking aliens land on Earth wanting to challenge him to a fight. He feigns getting a stomach ache and tries to call Gohan for help. Gohan is busy cooking and does not hear his phone ringing.

Hercule even calls Vegeta at Capsule Corp, but nobody is there. I found it funny that Hercule wanted help from Vegeta. Although Hercule did save Vegeta’s life in the Buu saga so maybe Vegeta would have helped him if he was there.

When Hercule is about to fight, Goku luckily comes in. He was running errands for Chi-Chi but lands to see what Hercule is up to. As always, Hercule says Goku is his “disciple” and that he will fight in his place.

Another funny thing we see is that Piccolo has been resorted to comic relief. For some reason, Chi-Chi has convinced Piccolo to carry all of her bags. Again this may upset fans of the character because he used to be more badass than this…

Piccolo sees Goku about to fight and this upsets Chi Chi. Goku escapes Chi Chi simply by asking Hercule to punch him. Goku then acts like he’s defeated and flies away. However, this is bad for Hercule because the big alien dude is still there.

Hercule manages to evade all of the attacks, but the fans don’t like it. Hercule then decides to be courageous and fights, but his dog Bee comes into the arena. Since the aliens are cat-like lions, they are scared of dogs and run away in their spaceship. Hercule wins again!

This episode of Dragon Ball Super was really enjoyable and I thought the humor was just about right. Although if you are not a fan of Hercule Satan, you could skip this episode altogether as he was the main focus here.

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