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Dragon Ball Super Episode 19 Review: Resurrection F Saga Starts

by Damian Seeto


Episode 19 of Dragon Ball Super aired this week and it is the official start of the Resurrection F saga. The TV series is yet again retelling everything from what fans have seen before from the animated movie.

In between the Battle of Gods and Resurrection F sagas, we were treated to some new material in Dragon Ball Super. The past few episodes were fun to watch because they featured legitimately new material. Episode 19 is a bit weak mainly because it’s retelling events exactly like they were in the Resurrection F movie.

I’m not really sure what to say about this episode other than it’s basically the first part of Resurrection F. Everyone that has seen the episode so far has been saying this as well. There’s not much else to say because there is nothing new here apart from a few odd things that I will touch upon.

Normally I like to give an overview on what happens in each episode, but this week I will keep it very brief mainly because there is nothing new to report on. It’s basically just Sorbet and his gang coming to Earth to wish back Frieza the same way it was done in the Resurrection F movie.

All of the events are played out the same. Even the scene where Whis signs his autograph on Goku and Vegeta is identical too. He even highlights the same flaws to the fighters have.


However, there are some cool differences I noticed in Dragon Ball Super that were not in the movie. First of all, Piccolo now pulls funny faces to entertain baby Pan instead of only just rocking her crib. I thought this was a nice funny touch to a character that is normally always serious.

Another different addition to the TV series is that they show Captain Ginyu in frog form. Yes, Ginyu is still a frog and he’s still alive as an amphibian after all these years. The episode ends once Frieza is properly alive with his whole body intact.

Episode 19 for Dragon Ball Super is not a must-see if you have watched the Resurrection F movie. You can actually skip it altogether as you won’t miss anything. If you haven’t seen the movie, this will give you some background detail on how Frieza comes back.

Episode 20 sounds more interesting because Jaco meets Goten and Trunks. Goten and Trunks were not in the animated movie, so next week we will be getting something new. It poses the question if these two kids might be involved in the fight or not.

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