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Dragon Ball Super Episode 24 Review: Goku vs Frieza Starts

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 24 marks the start of the Goku and Frieza fight. The battle is now underway as Goku tries to finish Frieza once and for all.

The fight pretty much starts in their base forms. They are in their base forms for the majority of the episode. The fight also only occurs during the first half of this Dragon Ball Super episode. The episode sadly halts in the second half with lots of talking.

If there is anything different in this episode compared to Resurrection F, it’s that it shows how dastardly Frieza can be. I will go one further than that and say Frieza is a downright prick. He likes to fight dirty which makes things dangerous for anyone watching the fight.

Frieza knows Goku’s true strength is caring for the people he loves most which are his friends and family. Frieza first blasts an energy blast aimed at both Gohan and Krillin. Goku rushes to deflect it, but Frieza catches him off guard and punches him.

Frieza does the same tactic again by blasting at Bulma. However, this time Goku is unable to save her in time because Frieza knocks him down. Thankfully, Vegeta comes to the rescue. You know deep down inside that Vegeta is pissed that Frieza tried to kill his wife.


The fight itself is okay, but they don’t really do anything too special. The Resurrection F movie fight was way better because it was more action-packed. I didn’t feel the same type of exhilaration watching the fight in this episode of Dragon Ball Super. Hopefully the fight gets better in the next few episodes.

There is one humorous scene that involves Jaco. Goku and Frieza blasts beams at one another and they fly everywhere. One beam lands on Jaco’s ship and it catches on fire. Jaco hurries to extinguish the flames, but the photo of his girlfriend gets burnt.

The fight comes to a halt once Vegeta interferes. Much like in the movie, Vegeta feels that Goku is not taking this seriously. A minor change in the TV series though is that Vegeta pretends to kiss Frieza’s butt. He pretends that he’s glad about Frieza’s revival and starts to clap at him. Goku then tells Vegeta he can still handle this.

The episode then ends when Goku transforms into his Super Saiyan Blue form. I must say, the transformation looks cool here and the soundtrack fits the mood perfectly. It was a decent way to end the episode as next week we will see them fight again.

As for episode 24 of Dragon Ball Super, I thought it was okay but nothing too special. I do like how they made Frieza’s character more evil, but I felt the episode halted when the talking started. I feel this episode should have showed a little bit more action.

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