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Dragon Ball Super Episode 29 Review; Preparing For The Multi-Universe Tournament

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 29 has now concluded and it didn’t disappoint. The episode may have lacked in action, but it did tell us more about this upcoming tournament as the fighters prepare to find the last Super Dragon Ball that is out somewhere in the Universe.

First of all I am going to talk about what Champa and Vados get up to in this Dragon Ball Super episode. My most favorite scene in episode 29 was seeing how vast and huge the Super Dragon Balls are. They were described as “planet-sized” in the previous episode, and it was quite a sight to see when they were animated here.

If you look at the picture provided above, these Super Dragon Balls could easily be bigger than the Earth itself. It truly shows how powerful and important these Super Dragon Balls are to the likes of Beerus and Champa. Not only are they big in size, but the wishes they can grant are much more powerful than the ones we have seen before.

Anyway, Vados’ job is to set up an arena for the tournament to take place. She and Champa travel to a barren planet that is free of any life which is perfect for a fighting tournament. Vados’ power is shown a lot in this episode as she can conjure up a dome and create objects with ease. If you think Cell creating an arena was impressive, wait until you see Vados do it. She even creates seats for spectators and huge banners for Team Beerus and Team Champa.

With Champa and Vados doing their side of getting ready for the tournament, Beerus and his group are in charge of finding the last Super Dragon Ball that Champa failed to collect. Everybody pretty much agrees that Bulma is the smartest person they know so they all go back to Earth to pay her a visit. I love the scene where they tell Bulma about their whole situation as she is shocked about the things that Goku and the others get themselves into.

Vegeta grabs the normal Dragon Ball radar off of Bulma as they want to summon Shenron to ask him if he knows the location of the last Super Dragon Ball. After a short while, Vegeta is out of breath but he manages to find all of the Dragon Balls in record time and they summon Shenron.


Sadly though, Shenron’s powers are too weak and he says the Universe is way too big for him to know where the last Super Dragon Ball is. Beerus pretty much tells him his wish is to “go away” as he’s not helpful. I thought Beerus’ comment was really funny, but Goku made me laugh even harder. Goku forgot to wish King Kai and his friends back to life. We see a small scene of King Kai being disappointed with Goku.

To fast forward quite a bit, Bulma does manage to create a Super Dragon Ball radar. This new radar can pick up the new Super Dragon Balls and has a lot more range. However, the problem they face now is that they need a spaceship fast enough to travel across the Universe. Jaco’s spaceship is the only one Bulma can think of but she has to contact someone else that knows Jaco’s mobile number.

One big reveal in this episode is that we are introduced to a new character named Tights who happens to be the older sister of Bulma. The really humorous part of Tights’ reveal is that Goku and Vegeta never knew she even had an older sister. It’s more funny that Vegeta didn’t know this as he’s Bulma’s wife.

Anyway, Tights knows Jaco’s mobile number as the two knew each other from years ago. Akira Toriyama actually created a side-manga with Jaco and Tights back in 2013. For the TV audience though, this is our first introduction to Tights and she looks good for her age! Tights rings up Jaco and he reluctantly agrees to let them use his ship.

I forgot to mention that Beerus and Whis go out to try and find a fighter by the name of Monaka. This fighter is said to be even stronger than Goku and Vegeta as he’s the most powerful person that Beerus has ever faced in a fight. That is of course not counting Whis who is more powerful than everyone else apart from maybe his sister Vados.

All in all, Dragon Ball Super episode 29 focused more on character building than it did on action. It was still an entertaining episode offering lots of humor and also introduced us to a new character that we haven’t seen yet in the TV series. The next episode looks like a blast too as we see Piccolo training with Gohan.

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