Dragon Ball Super Episode 3 Impressions: Look For The Super Saiyan God

by Damian Seeto


Here are your weekly impressions/overview for Dragon Ball Super. Today we look at episode 3 which is called “Look for the Super Saiyan God”.

This will give you details on what happens in the episode, plus sometimes I’ll put my own opinion on it. As always, spoilers will follow below, so read at your own discretion.

This episode starts off showing Beerus where we last saw him in the previous one. He is talking to Whis about his visions of there being a “Super Saiyan God”. Old Kai knows of Beerus’ presence and gets paranoid again much like in episode 2.

The next scene cuts to where we see King Kai on his own planet. He too knows of Beerus and is a bit nervous about him. He’s not so sure if Goku is even strong enough to beat him. Goku on the other hand is still just training on King Kai’s planet.

There was a funny scene here where King Kai reminds Goku that he, Gregory and Bubbles are all dead because of him. Goku refreshes his memory of the time he used instant tranmission to send over the exploding Cell. King Kai, Bubbles and Gregory all start chasing Goku. It was a nice humorous scene.

We then see Beerus and Whis return home. Most of the dialogue here is rehashed from the Battle of Gods movie. Whis tells him about two Saiyans that still exist. We know this to be Goku and Vegeta. There was even a brief flashback from Dragon Ball Z with Whis telling Beerus that Goku defeated Frieza by becoming a Super Saiyan. The pair then head off to King Kai’s planet.


Up next we get to see Krillin, 18 and Maron in Dragon Ball Super. They are stuck in traffic as they’re heading off to Bulma’s party. This was a funny scene as Krillin decides they can all fly there and avoid the traffic. He packs up the car and the three of them all fly to Bulma’s party instead. On their way, we get to see Tien, Chiaotzu and Yamacha for the very first time in Dragon Ball Super.

Bulma’s party is being held in a fancy cruise ship. This is the same cruise ship that she scouted in the previous episode. Gohan, Videl, Chi Chi and Goten all arrive for the party and Bulma greets them all. Piccolo is also here and Gohan shows him a photo of his wedding with Videl. Piccolo feels a little embarrassed and blushes. Too bad Dragon Ball Super didn’t make an episode about the wedding.

We also get to see more humorous scenes at the party. Master Roshi is being a pervert again scouting out young girls in their bikinis. His “activity” is stopped by an angry Chi Chi. Roshi has the iconic nose bleed that fans should come to expect. Roshi hasn’t changed at all in Dragon Ball Super…

This episode does not feature Vegeta much. He is still training back at home trying to get stronger than Goku. As for Goku, he’s still on King Kai’s planet, but he remembers Bulma’s party surprisingly. Both Vegeta and Goku might appear at the party in the next episode, or possibly the episode after.

Overall, today’s episode of Dragon Ball Super was dialogue heavy and most of the content has been recycled from the Battle of Gods animated movie. Not to mention there was no action in the episode either. Not a lot really happened as Whis and Beerus have not reached Earth yet. The pair are currently going to King Kai’s planet to confront Goku.

Episode 4 of Dragon Ball Super looks to be another humorous episode as it focuses on Emperor Pilaf and his gang. Again, a preview was shown, although it look like another story rehashed from Battle of Gods.

- This article was updated on:February 21st, 2017

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